Saturday, 21 August 2010

The One Where We Owe Fulham

United play Fulham tomorrow.

I have two recent memories of playing them.

One good, one bad...

Opening day, just after the last World Cup, where Wayne did this, and Roni did that. (below).

We were awesome. Now, I didn't think we got anywhere near that on Monday... which is probably a bit harsh. It's the difference between 3-0, and 6-0, I suppose.

United are notoriously slow starters, though.

This time? This time we were 3-0 up in 14 minutes. And Wayne and Roni were best mates again. Enjoy.

Last year, at Fulham, we lost the League.

I say that because we fielded a back three. With a near debutant... and two central midfielders. It's a miracle we got within one point last year. We were ravaged by injuries, especially at the back.

Fair dous to Fulham, though. They've been difficult opponents on a few occasions, so this was no fluke.

Hodgeson deserves a fair bit of credit for that. Shame he had to ruin it...

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