Monday, 31 May 2010

"Guess I Should've Known, By The Way You Parked Your Car Outside, Waiting... That It Wouldn't Last"

The One Where I Think Back To The Glory Days... On That Other Site

I write over here on a Monday, and he writes here. Clever no?

This week, on my emotional journey through films that have proved the soundtrack to my life... A WHOLE YEAR!

What year? I'll never tell. But here's a clue.

“I Can’t Believe the News Today”

The One Where Gray Writes About A Band I Have Heard Of!

OK. So I post there, on a Monday - and he posts here. Got it?

U2 and I don’t go back as far as you might think.  My first girlfriend introduced me to them (no, not last month) and I never really looked back.  She had Under a Blood Red Sky, the live album which was ‘sort of a best’ of from the first three albums and I went out and bought Joshua Tree and Rattle and Hum before I went to Australia with my next girlfriend.

I loved that there was a distinctive feel to the sound of the first few albums, influenced by punk but very much their own take.  I adored Joshua Tree, my love of The Unforgettable Fire came later and I really liked Rattle and Hum.  What happened on that trip to Oz cemented U2 in my heart though.  We were thousands of miles away from home when they released The Fly as a single.  It was harsher sounding, clearly U2 were heading in a different direction and it was kinda fun.  The moralising and Jesus imitation were out the window, Bono was the fricking Fly.  When Achtung Baby arrived it was like some one had turned U2 inside out.

"How Does Tom... Cruise? Why Does Tom... Cruise?"

The One Where We All Look At Each other, Worried He Went Head Mental Again

Is there nothing you can't do, Tom? Apart from sing. Obviously.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

"I'll Kill Anyone Who Touches You... 'Cos That's My Job"

The One Where I Wonder If Sad And Depressing Is Just My Thing...

The Road looks immense, on Blu. I knew that, and had heard the DTS lossless audio was one of the best around. I can confirm both. The problem is the film itself...

"All At Once, I Had It All"

The One Where I Only Realise How Lucky I Am, When She's Already Gone

Mrs T has abandoned me <;-)>, and is on the razzle in Cardiff. To be fair, no one deserves a break more, but I do worry... She's been 2 days with out my singing. She'll be missing it. Therefore, I thought I'd sing to her. Through the voice of people with better voices than me.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

"I Am An Insect"

The One Where WatchoTalkinBoutWillis Died

This week... Michael Keaton in an FBI t-shirt... Captain America rumours... And Devin on changes my way of thinking. Or does he?

"You're 'Outta Here, McFly!"

The One Where Tom Cruise Says, "Not Cool", In The Coolest Way Ever

This week... Why you'll think Tom Cruise is cool again, this summer... Nic Cages' glorious hair... And Hoverboards. Finally.

"Don't Call It A Comeback - I've Been Here For Years"

The One Where I Announce Hughes As A United Icon... And Then He gets Linked With Liverpool The Following Fricking Day

This goal had my on the floor, rolling around, punching the air.

Brilliant. Of course it led to our first double. Chelsea fans would do well 
to remember we've done two more since.

The Final that followed was one of the most one sided ever. We 
destroyed them. Hughes is a United Legend. He became a bit of a 
journeyman after leaving a second time. What he did have though, 
was something I wanted Becks to always have. And what I still hope 
Ronaldo will have. A comeback.

Some think he's tainted himself forever from taking the hot seat at 
Gold Trafford. I disagree. City were appalling to him. That endeared 
him to United fans, again. Now all we need to do is get Ray Wilkins 
back from Chelski.

Friday, 28 May 2010

"Dillion... You Son Of A Bitch"

The One With Predator And Iron Man Cartoons!

Fot JMcG, who gets married two weeks tomorrow!

"You Probably Went Over A Bump Or Something"

The One Where E.T Created Pulp Fictions DNS Scene... In Mrs T's Car.

"Do You Know What She Did...???"

The One Where The Demons Unleashed Purple Puke... Everywhere

"Come on then champ... Breakie, Nana, Sandpit, VCP, then lunch.... Oh...."

Thursday, 27 May 2010

"Where's My Minority Report? Do I Even Have One?"

The One Where Tom Cruise Stars On My 50" Plasma

I think you could make a case that A.I, Minority Report and Catch Me If You Can are Spielbergs three most underrated films. When you have a resume like his, I'm sure he wont lose sleep, but A.I and MR represented the first time Spielberg merged his kiddy films, with the adult stuff. Throw in War Of The Worlds, with its obvious nods to 9/11 and you have a different Spielberg.

"Why Are You Wearing That Stupid Man Suit?"

The One Where Jake Became Buff

Hmmmm.... Video games to movies. Never quite worked, has it?

I'm not going to defend all examples of them, because some are terrible in their own right. As a gamer, though, I resent that a movie is immediately downgraded just for being linked to a game.

Before the movie I got adverts for Persia Lego... does that mean it's average Lego because of that - and that none of the cool kids will be playing in the school playground with it, because it's based on Lego? I know no one ever takes Lego to school, but run with it.

"You Don't Have To Run..." "You Don't Have To Chase Me"

The One Where I Explain "AT Reads Film... So You Don't Have Too"

What is AT Reads Film???

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

"41 Shots... And We'll Take That Ride"

The One Where Springsteen Slides His Groin Into Your Face. Fact.

There are no words. KJ found some, though...


"Chaos Reigns"

The One Where #RDR Is Great Even When It's Broken

Last night... Posse LEDG was formed. It's the game that keeps on giving! Even its glitches are epic!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

"AK-47... When You Absolutely Got To Kill Every 'Mutha In The Room... Accept No Substitutes"

The One Where I Review Sherlock

So I did indeed "ruin" my Kill Bill double bill by watching Death Proof the other day. And during a film show of Sherlock Holmes, I noticed a similarity...

Monday, 24 May 2010

"It's The Power Of The Hoo-Do"

The One Where I Write Over There. About Bowies Tight Little Trousers

I write for @diaryofaledger on a monday. Go see. It's about Movies that shape the soundtrack to my life. Which makes it sound deeper than it is. Just... Push... Now.

Cheers to Jo Cooper, for reminding me about two stone cold classics!

"Have You Ever Seen A One Trick Pony... Then You've Seen Me"

The One Where Gray Finally Gives Something Back

Me and Bruce Springsteen by @diaryofaledger

Firstly, thanks to AT for letting me post here on Diary of a Maverick Ledger and returning the favour of his posts appearing on my site on a Monday evening.

Secondly, I’ll be writing about music.

I’m really open about what form these posts will take and if anyone has any thoughts about what they’d like to see here let me know.

AT though posed me a question.  Why don’t I love Bruce Springsteen?  So that seems like a good place to start.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

"I'm Not Being Set Up... I Really Am Going To Kill This Man"

The One Where I Think The iPad Is Even More Of A Con

One for the Geeks.

"You Don't Know What You Can Find, Why Don't You Come With Me Little Darlin', On A Magic Carpet Ride"

The One Where #RDR Takes Over My Life

FFS, Rockstar. I'm lauding this up as Game of the Year... then this....

I've actually thought about it, and I think this makes it even better.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

"Eternity... Take It... It's Yours!"

The One Where I Threaten JMcG About His Wedding. Again.

Someone tell Flash the wedding is off.

Oh... And Blackpool?? Fair enough. Congratulations. I've always liked 
Ian Holloway. He's the new Phil Brown.

"Yoo-Hoo... I'll Make You Famous"

The One Where I Realise Every Game Has Always Been A Con, Before This.

So... let me get my head around this...

"Oh Every Single One Of Us, Loves Cathy Ferguson"

The One Where United Memories Becomes A Regular 3:00PM Fixture

So... United Memories was meant to be a regular post, and then JMcGs stag got in the way.

I've thought about it, and logically, it should be a Saturday post. That's match day, right?

The idea is I will give you an idea of how/why I became devoted to a team, that I'm constantly reminded, I live no where near. A couple of friends have done the same, in one post recently, here and here.

Friday, 21 May 2010

"I Know What You're Thinking... "Did He Fire Six Shots, Or Only Five?""

The One Where I Realise #RDR May Be Special...

So if you read this, you'll know I've had an hour, if that. I knew it would be good looking, even though reports like this (below), sometimes make me regret falling in love with my PS3.

"I'm Finished"

The One Where Daddy Day Care Returns.

Daddy Day Care is back, in full swing. It started Thursday night this week though, with Team Truscott making the most of the nice weather. (Despite me telling Ju the weather was rubbish, and we shouldn't hang any washing on the line. Wrong. Again.)

We had to test drive the new TP slide, obviously, too. And no... it won't take my weight. Damn. I need to push it at the gym, this week.

"I Love You" "I Know"

The One Where I Wish ESB Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Empire Strikes Back.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

"Where Are You??" "Here"

The One Where Predators Threatens To Be Better Than We Dreamt


Spooge again.

AVP Redemption from Alex Popov on Vimeo.

Spooge yet again.

"Cause I'm Free.... Free Fallin'!!"

The One Where CoD Threatens To Get Interesting Again

Oh, baby.

"That's Right... I Killed Your Master!"

The One Where I Remind You Kill Bill Vol. 2 Is Underrated

Vol. 2 has an audacious opening. First we get a redux version of "Do you find me sadistic?". Then, Uma breaks the fourth wall. Direct to camera, she explains wheres she's heading, in startling black and white. The music already suggests a western. Kill Bill Vol.1, this ain't.

"I Put A Bullet In Her Head, But Her Heart Just Kept On Beating"

The One Where I Reacquaint Myself With Kill Bill

I remember going to see Kill Bill in Leicester Square. A guy who I worked with was equally as obsessed with Tarantino, and this was his first film in what seemed like an eternity. Uma Thurman panting over the opening credits, and that first gun shot... It blew me away. Shook me up. I'd spent my life trying to defend Tarantino movies, as not being glamorised violence, and he has the ghoul to open the film with a head shot - albeit in black and white. He makes his intentions clear from the get go. Then a jump forward, and then back, to how she got there. All in fifteen minutes. I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. 

"You're Locked In Here With Meeeeeeeee"

The One With Graffiti

Cheers to @DavieLegend for this. Makes me want to watch it. 
The 4 hour cut too. 

Which I think I'm still the only person I know to have seen. 


Film of the year, last year. 


"You're Dangerous"

The One Where I Call Film Of The Year. Again.

Film. Of. The. Year.

"Sweep The Leg, Johnny!"

The One With An 80s Tribute

I bloody love Live For Films.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

"The Plaque For The Alternates Is Down In The Ladies Room"

The One Where The Blog Hits 100

And so the Blog hits 100 posts.

I just wanted to say thanks to any one that has read any of the posts.

I've had loads more hits than I thought I would ever get, let alone in the first 4/5 weeks, so genuine thanks for that.

Apologises also for the Facebook links. I'll sort that. That's a promise, Miss Kyle. It was Gray that set it up, though... that was a joke! Cheers for all your help, buddy. You big gay bear.

"Statistically Speaking... Flying Is Still The Safest Way To Travel"

The One Where I Still Love Pacific

So KJC tells me Pacific just... ends. I took that as if she was disappointed. If I feel the same in a few weeks, nothing will stop the fact that some images from the series will stick with me. Episode Seven will be the peak, I would imagine. It's the point where the series kicked up a gear.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

"You're Walking Around Like A Blind Man Without A Cane, Pal"

The One Where I'm Shocked By The New Wall Street 2 Trailer

Taken from Jo Blo...

You've got to admire the kid for coming out and saying that his last two films, from two of Hollywood's biggest directors, sucked. That takes some balls. Even LaBeouf seems to understand the ramifications. "I'll probably get a call. But [Steven Spielberg] needs to hear this. I love him. I love Steven...I think he's a genius, and he's given me my whole life....But when you drop the ball you drop the ball."

That's all there is to say about that. He's not wrong. It kind of got me thinking, though... 

Monday, 17 May 2010

"Hellooooooooo Babbbbbbbby!"

The One Where I Link To Gray

I write for @diaryofaledger over here, on a Monday. Hit the link. It's about movies that created the soundtrack to my life... this week, it's.... Well, guess...

Sunday, 16 May 2010

"Can I Get An Encore... Do You Want More?"

The One Where I Mourn The Loss Of A Handle Bar

Mrs T has done a terrible, terrible thing.

"I'm A Pervert... Does That Offend You?"

The One Where I Try And Convince Myself I Know Good Art

Live For Films continues to rack up awesome, awesome art work. As I've said, the website really pushes for fan input. Boba Fett is/should be everyones favourite Star Wars character... but we've all wondered what he would look like in the 17th Century. Wonder no more!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

"I'd Hate To See You Out Of Control..."

The One Where I Get A Love Jones Over Inception

Oh. My. God. Inception gets better, and better. This may be Leos best ever role.


"I Just Know That Every Man I Kill... The Farther Away I Feel From Home"

The One Where I Finally Get Private Ryan

Last but not least, Saving Private Ryan. It's getting recalled, ironically for sound issues. 

It sounds amazing. Frighteningly real.

"I See You"

The One Where Avatar Looks Great... Even In 1080i

So I've been a bit rubbish updating the Blu section, even though it probably feels like I only ever write about films!

I've seen a couple of note recently. Reservoir Dogs zipped along, and it was the most I've ever enjoyed it. We watched Planet Terror on the Stag, which just plays really well with a group of lads, beered up. I have plenty stacked up to watch, and a couple I will buy come pay day. Those being Tombstone, Sherlock Holmes (really intrigued if that was as good as I remember), Valhalla Rising, Minority Report (Steel case!), and The Road.

"This Is My Rifle... This Is My Gun"

The One With New Maps

So, I've not has the pleasure of Claymoreing (sp) any of Clan on the old new maps, yet. Then, these little beauty appear.

Zombieland, yes? MC is the one getting rinsed in the little clown.

"It's like looking in a mirror... only not"

I heart  tanks.

Vacant. Probably my favourite map from Cod4. It's the only one I used to be good at.

Someone sums it up, on the Feedback section for me.

"I wasn't going to buy this, but then I saw the carnival map. now I'm torn between standing by my morals of not forking out stupid money for maps, and hiding inside a clowns mouth."

Too true. too true.

Friday, 14 May 2010

"See Her In A Smokey Room..."

The One With The Boss

Not a bad cast, eh?

Thanks to @moviegrrl for bringing it to my attention.

"He Likes To Butt Things... With His Head"

The One With The Ball Park

Two weeks with out Daddy Day Care means one thing... catch up time. For those of my readers that aren't friends on FB, you may be aware that sometimes I stop gaming/filming/footballing/blogging,  leave the house, and do things with Team Truscott. Here's a peek into my world.

"Get Your Ass To Mars"

The One With An Arnie Musical


Thursday, 13 May 2010


The One With Art!

Two very cool things from Live For Films - one of my fave websites.

Hit the jump to read more about them.

"Rise And Rise Again, Until Lambs Become Lions"

The One Where I Argue Robin Hood Is NOT A 3/10 Film

I've wanted to see Robin Hood since it was announced Russell Crowe would play both the titled part, and also Sheriff of Nottingham. Rumours were that he would actually play both parts, or that both characters were one and the same person. Hollywood being Hollywood dropped that idea. In doing so, it created a problem. Robin Hoods worst enemy is himself... Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. I love that film. But I'm not naive or devout enough to insist there is never another version. Its been fifteen odd years since the last Romeo and Juliet. I loved that too, but wouldn't be adverse to another version. So what does Ridley Scott do?

"Kittridge... You've Never Seen Me Very Upset"

The One With The Missing Trailers

OK, before I review Robin Hood (I know, I know... you can't wait...) - three trailers all came before it, that make me think 2010 won't be a total washout.

I've seen trailers for all three of these, and fancied them, but not these trailers.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

"If Not Now... Then When?"

The One Where I Support... Fulham??

I still believe Fulham ended our title hopes with a three nil thumping at the Cottage. Even though we had three midfielders making up our back four. No complaints, and I genuinely hope they get their hands on this little beauty tonight. Athletico are a dangerous team though. They have a Uruguayan who made the scousers cry. Twice.

Good luck lads.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

"I Got Soul, But I'm Not A Soldier"

The One Where I Cock Up My Love Film List


Jesus. I am such a rookie. During a chill out day, I bought The Box, whilst in London. Well don't write about that here, AT - I hear you shout. That should be filed under Blu Ray, AT - shouts another. Why did you buy that piece of crap, AT? - asks someone else.

Monday, 10 May 2010

"This Is God..."

The One Where I Question £10.99 For 5 Maps

Hmmm. Stimulus. £10.99. For two old maps, and three new ones.

It's not really important if I think that's good value, or not. A purchase was never
really a choice. Or an option. If the Ledgers can split it four ways, its amazing
value. If not... meh.

So what do I think?

Sunday, 9 May 2010

"We'll Keep The Red Flag Flying High, Man United Will Never Die"

The One Where I Get Cheered Up By An Advert

Congratulations Chelsea. I still think we lost it, rather than you won it.

Nothing can atone for Carlsbergs major misstep the other week, but this is a great, great advert.

Roll on the World Cup then, eh?

"We're The Famous Man United..."

I'm not going to review the season. Truth is. Its been disappointing for United. We have been average as much as we've been excellent. Injury wise I've never seen anything like it. Tactically, Fergie got it wrong far too much - I think he was right, my Birthday week ruined our season. Lost to Chelsea. Lost to Bayern. Drew with Blackburn.

Next season I'll mini review every game, as well as posting up United Memories. I am a die hard United fan. I just have high standards. Carling Cup Finals are not enough to fulfil my quench for victory. Next season, we go again.

On the last day, barring a miracle, we finish second best. Here are some of my highlights for the season, though. The beauty of being a Red Devil, is there will always be plenty of those.

If you're a United fan - Enjoy. If you're not... why not?

Saturday, 8 May 2010

"Don't Get Cocky Kid"

The One Where I Wish I Was A Jedi

Haha. Thanks to @FliesOpen for this. I affectionately call him "bagface".


It got me thinking. What would I do if I was a Jedi?

"...I'm Not Finished With You Yet"

The One Where It All Goes Viral

Oh this gets better, and better. They'll have to go some to top the Dark Knight viral. Not a bad start though, eh? I especially like the idea they leaked the teaser on purpose. You know... so my Blog isn't a hot bed of illegal activity.

At first I was annoyed it wasn't linked to Cloverfield (which has grown on me, loads). Now? Now I'm thinking it could be a good thing. Especially after I just spent ten minutes bitching that there are no original ideas in Hollywood, whilst defending Jackie Earle Haley in Nightmare.

"He Was A Child Murderer... Then After He Died... He Became Something Much Worse"

The One Where I Like The Remake

Hmmm. I seem to like Horror movies more than I thought. I'm not into them with any sort of dedication though. Want to remake Halloween? OK. I love John Carpenter, so just give him his cut.Want to make another Friday 13th? OK. I'll maybe Love Film it. Want to remake The Thing? Er... please don't. I have to keep putting myself in that last mindset, when looking at the hate this film is getting. But, as much as I would hate a remake to my fave Horror of all time... I'd see the silver lining, though. That all these noobs going to see it, may take five out, and rent the original.

"Find Comfort In Pain, Like Dorian Gray... I Heard What They Say, But I'm Not Here For Trouble"

The One Where I Hate Love Film


Well, actually I don't... Regular readers will know in this column I review my Love Film list, as they come. I was doing quite well. That was until the dubious double bill of Dorian Gray, from Mrs T's list... and Saw VI...

"I Think I Found A Way Home"

The One With More Inception

I make no apologises for pimping this out.

Machete and Expendables will play better with the Ledgers as a group... but this? This is going to be special... And is it possible Leo is my fave actor acting at the moment?

Friday, 7 May 2010

"We're Going To Need A Bigger Boat"

The One With Super 8


“Elliot… I’ll Be Right Here” (*points at heart, cue man tears*)

The One Where The Stag "Ends"

Stag: Day Seven. Done.

So I’m on the way home.  Everyone in the train keeps looking over when we go through a tunnel, and the Mac backlit keyboard makes me look cooler than I really am. I have a beard. And long hair. Like Nic Cage in Con Air.

I’m not sure what to say, really. I’ve had a brilliant, epic week. My friendship with my three best friends has grown immeasurably. That’s really the message of the week.

I’ve seldom laughed as much as I have over this week. There were times where I had to leave the living room, as I had that thing where I thought I was going to be sick from laughing too much.

I loved London. More than I ever have. I get it now. There is beauty there.

On my last day we ended up in Hyde Park, “playing” Football in the sunshine. Killing time really, building up to Biffy Clyro at Hammersmith Apollo. It was pretty desperate stuff! The highlight was clearly me scoring a left footed goal, albeit on the goal line. Oh… and GC running.

“Looks Like We Made It… I Can Tell That You’ve Been Flying”

The top pic is stolen from GC, and the second from his sister. I make no apologises. They are both class pictures.

Biffy has become a huge part of my life. The sort of band you listen too at least once a day. They have provided the soundtrack to my life over the last 18 months, that they have to be considered in the same breath as the Boss and Counting Crows.

It’s only the second time I’ve seen them, and last night went some way to rectify the Ledgers being unable to see them in June.

What I love about them, and they did this last night, is that they make me actually appreciate the playing of instruments. I’m a lyric person. It goes some to my eclectic taste in music. I’ve had Alicia Keyes and Athlete on whilst in the “quiet section” of this train. Quiet? There’s people talking louder than my music, so “do one” if you try and get me to shut it down. I’d hammer the keys to be louder, but the Mac is too damn beautiful to risk hurting.

Simon Neill is a bit of a hero, though. He really makes that guitar talk. But he does the lyric thing too. My top three Biffy songs all have the sort of depth to lyrics I demand. Just beautiful truth. They really resonate.

I will be going in December, and be the proudest fan there that they are playing to sort of crowd size they deserve.

Even Adam Ricketts beating his girlfriend up last night couldn’t ruin it. (Stag joke).

And so I leave the lads there for one day, one sleep, and a morning. I’m sure they’ll have a class time. I've had an immense week, cheers to everyone for that.  

I can’t say I’m upset to see Mrs T and ET though. I hope they remember my voice. I meant to get a haircut.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

"I Never Miss"

The One With A Different Film Of The Year!

Errr.... Film Of The Year! (Another one).

"You're Good Kid... But As Long As I'm Around, You're Second Best"

The One Where I Won Poker

Stag: Day Six. Done.

Breakfast with @kyelani. UFC. Poker. First ever game. Won. Lock in. Too much to drink. Scones and toasted tea cakes when back. Bed at three. Up at nine. Day Seven will be the best of the lot. Its Biffy. They created all the Bubbles at night. I wont go on about the Poker... but this is a lot like how it "went down".

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

"Everybody Be Cool... *You* Be Cool"

The One Where Pro Evo Emerges

If you know me, you know how much time I invest in Pro Evo.

The first details of 2011 have me drooling.

Power bar on passes? Check.

Skills specific to each player, on the right stick? Check.

Masters League online, so the Ledgers can bid for the same players? Check.

Bring. It. On. Check the link for all the details. Do one, FIFA.

"OK Ramblers... Lets Get Rambling"

The One Where I Call the Fraud Department

Stag: Day Four. Done.

Bank Holiday Monday meant I couldn't get hold of the Fraud department until Tuesday (Day 5), so it was on my mind a bit. Planet Hollywood beckoned in the evening, and after saying, "no beers", we were "on it" by midday. :-/

Another stroll around London led us to the best breakfast I've ever had - ironically in a cafe opposite where my card was stolen! Hence my forlorn expression in the picture above. I seriously did perk up when that breakkie got there though. Then... an Epiphany... lets got to the Natural History Museum. So we did. It was more of a recon for me to see whether ET would like it. He would. So we'll go.

I wanted to look "hard" by swearing at the T-Rex, to impress the lads. The truth is, I felt awful when I saw his little face. He looked so small, and sad. So very, very sad.

I've been listening to a lot of Alicia Keyes as it reminds me of my wife, who I miss more than words. I'm not moping around though. Which is what she would want. Go to Grays Blog to see who my "hand twin" is! And after a meal at PH, in its new location, music came to the fore. Drunk in the Duke, something magical happened... Counting Crows came on, and both of JMcGs turned out to be huge, huge fans. It was surreal. I'm not used to anyone even knowing who they are, let alone drunkenly singing Mr Jones with me. Then Biffy came on. I thought it was a wind up. Finishing up with Oasis, so MC was in his element too.

Talking of Oasis... recognize this street, and this pose? This was Saturday. I am genuinely honoured to be in the pic.

Back home for Big Trouble In Little China, and to a tiny bit of stick from JMcG as he realized GC and I wouldn't be going to Thorpe Park with him Weds. Trust me - with how I feel today, its for the best!