Saturday, 22 May 2010

"Yoo-Hoo... I'll Make You Famous"

The One Where I Realise Every Game Has Always Been A Con, Before This.

So... let me get my head around this...

The single player game is huge, yadda yadda.

The multi player is an UC2 inspired treat. Gold Rush - where the winner is the one who steals the most gold, is brilliant fun. Go for the gold, or use the brilliant cover mode to watch the beggars coming, slowed down due to the gold, then just plug them off? I did a bit of both!

But then... Free Roam. Online version of the single player I was told. OK. What I didn't realise is that real players can drop in and out of my missions, and then, if greedy... turn on me!

Son of a bitch.

I was hunting the Walton Gang, when a lone wolf in the woods shows up, pleading his allegiance. He was up high, so took out guys from afar. Not quite Clan , but a help. As we shoot the guys high up in the mountains, they fall, clashing into the cliff face on the way down. The AI's pretty good, and the save points "fair".

Then... on the third camp... he starts looking at me funny. He has green eyes. He turns on me, leaving me for dead. Actually dead, in fact, after he opens my head with the butt of his gun.

Unusually calm for me, I finish the mission. (Blowing up Ammo Crates). Then... I hunt the son of a bitch down. There's loads of coloured dots to signify human players, living out their own wicky wicky wild wild west dream. Doing missions I can join in on. Robbing innocents.

I see his colour, then chart the course on my map. I meet him in a saloon, chatting up a whore, like the god damn sleeze he is.

One in the chest, and one (Ten), in the head. That'll learn him.

I heart this game. MW2 blew it with the new maps. They don't do what I wanted them to do. Plus they cost 1/3 of what I paid on this, which makes me sick up in my mouth a bit. Rockstar were watching from afar. Smirking. They knew what they were about to unleash.

Game. Of. The. Year.

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