Monday, 31 January 2011

The One Where I Swear A Lot To Prove A Point

Hmmm.... Pretty overwhelming in terms of being anti-censorship.

Gray unfollowed a racist last week. Sky got rid of a sexist.

The question is, is it OK to say what you want, when others are listening?

I've said myself over and over that I resent the idea of someone telling me what I can and can't do. On twitter, though? And on Facebook? I think there may be room for it.

Look at the way twitter got engulfed in the Kenneth Tong story.

Was that healthy? Should he have been allowed to get his message across to so many people, in such a short time? (His story is HERE, for the unitiated).

I'm not sure.

I'm also not so sure how you would police that particular example. What I would suggest is maybe a few yellow cards from other twitter users to flag someone up as a concern?

I'm accutely aware I have a potty mouth. Especially on twitter. Is that right?

I guess if you don't like it, you can just unfollow.

But it may be too late by then.

Again, maybe have it so swear words can't be typed? Like on certain video games, where you try and put your username in as "cockjugglingthundercunt", and it won't let you.

Or again, for those days where you just need to say "Fuuuuuuuuuuccccccck you", maybe you could have an allowance? 3 a day? Maybe 5? Clearly it gets complicated, and wouldn't work. If society banned swearing in general, people would just find other words.

Plus what would I do? I'd be fucked.

Cheers for taking part. This weeks vote is on both my site, and GCs. So go take part, you daft fuckers.

Also... No one was brave enough to tick the third box? Arrogant fucks.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

The One Where Ethan Zachs Hits The Big 3.... Oh

I think as a parent you just want the best for your child, and always hope for them to get the most from whatever they do. Mr and Mrs T were Heros today. No question. Ethan Zachary Truscott turned three, and we've never been prouder. What a gorgeous, stunning young man.

I got back from a night out with a few seconds to spare. *phew*

Me. A broken man. HTF can there be so many pieces to a frickin' £20 Playmobil set?

I mean, seriously. WTF?

Zachs looking out for those "dirty fat rats", that that Mike Cheese and Daddy saw t'other day.

Daniel Craig can do one.

Works can't express how beautiful ET looks when swimming. He literally glows.
You know like that alien in that movie...
I think it was called... the alien that glowed.

Caught in the act. You'll get yours, Mrs T.

I have never seen so many kids in one place. Not even a full school, on a school day, with lots of kids at school.

The Ledgers totally need to hire this place out, though.

We had to do it again. True story...

...Then no one else was allowed a piece. True story.

The One Where We Vote On Sexism

This weeks vote had to be this. Yeah, it's been done to death, but its been a week.

That's enough time for some reflection, right?

So the question is... Were Sky Right To Sack Andy Gray?

Undecided? Heres some evidence...

This is the first time I've posted the Vote on GCs site - so cheers letting me do that, mate. 

Saturday, 29 January 2011

The One Where Brentmeister General Is Back

The One Where I Remember The Full Moon

The One Where I Heart Manhunter, In Spite Of Its Cold, Cold Heart

“Heart beat, can you feel my heart beat, whooooaaaaaaaa.” Red 7, Heartbeat

I couldn’t believe my luck when Total Film had a 6 page Manhunter spread this month. Wait Total Film… Is that the same Total Film that has a vote for best Blog ever, and ever? Yes. It is. SO VOTE.

It’s my Dads birthday, and this would make his top 5, no question. It wouldn’t be far off mine, either.

I remember clearly going into what I think was MVC (remember those? Are they still around?) My Mum was desperately hunting for Manhunter. The name alone was enough to get a young lad into a tizzy about what that film may be about. It’s just a brilliantly evocative title. But then she dropped the bomb on me…

Friday, 28 January 2011

The One With The Car Wash!

Ethan Zachs, sporting plasters on his face... Nelly, Nelly, Nelly... Uh-Oh!

Valet FTW. As soon as I did this yesterday, I knew ET would love it.

I'm thinking of starting a Car Wash appreciation Club... Are you in, @TwoSoups and @FypieFi?

Ethan Zachs definitely is...


The One Where Black Swan Gets Spoilt

I wish you could all watch this, but you really can't. So, you'll just have to toddle off, and keep yourself busy.



Oh, those that can? Well, thats anyone that was clever enough to get up, off their sorry ass, to go see Black Swan.

Didn't see it? Don't watch.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

The One With Green Hornet

The One Where It’s Not So Much A Review, As A Plea To You To See It, So I Get A Sequel

OK, shit just got real. Phil over at LFF, (my second Home), is helping by posting this tonight... but I need a favour. I need you all to go see The Green Hornet. 2D/3D whatever. I want a sequel to this more than I want to break Eva Mendes' hip... Grandpa style.

The first five minutes of Green Hornet were appalling I turned to my cinema buddies and called it. “Worst five minutes to a movie… ever”.

Then, and I had managed to avoid this, there is a cameo. And everything felt like it was settling down.

Then, and I am pleasantly surprised by this, I ended up really enjoying it.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The One With L.A Noire

I'll be at the cinema tonight, so no post.

In the back of my head, I'll be thinking about these words...

"This trailer was made entirely from game play footage".

What. The. Fuck.

Oh, and...

Colour me excited.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

'We don't talk about love' by @diaryofaledger

I didn't really fall for the Manics until I saw them live at Glastonbury.  They were still a four piece back then, all wearing balaclavas and full of energy and menace.  Like so many others Richie Edward's 'For Real' self harming had captured something for me a few years earlier, a moment so full of proper punk rock and passion that despite the shock factor actually had you believing (that despite) the hype maybe just maybe there was a band here that really meant it.

The Holy Bible proved it.  What followed, post Richie's disappearance, showed that it wasn't just him that drove the Manics, they were all for real.

When Everything Must Go came out there was so much good will out there for the band that it could have been awful and sold a shed load.  That it wasn't was an achievement under the circumstances.  That it went on  to mean so much to so many was incredible.

Design for Life had already shook everyone up prior to the album.  Shit, even now, what a song that is.  It feels even more relevant than ever as a generation lives for the weekend and drinking through their lives.  James Dean Bradfield's voice sounds like it's on the edge in the chorus, straining to make the notes, the orchestral backing fitting in perfectly with bombastic call to arms.  Rarely has a song that talks about libraries been so powerful.

I think we all expected something morose.  Something almost private that we'd be scared to look at.  An album full of grief and loss, but it's so far away from that.  There's songs about photo journalists, expressionist artists and Blackpool.  No compromises, still a Manics album.

Highlights?  Well obviously the singles, Australia and Everything Must Go, both great songs, but for me there's the beautiful Small Black Flowers that Grow in the Sky and Removables,  both written by Edwards.  One delicate and fragile one just a great rock song.

Of course Richie Edwards presence is there throughout but it heightens the experience knowing what circumstances the band recorded the album in.  It took years before they could go back to Edward's words fully and make an album completely made up from his writing with 2009's Journal for Plague Lovers.  That's the only album since that really hits home as much as this one does.  Yes Everything Must Go is very different from the Holy Bible but it kind of needed to be.

It ends with the amazing No Surface All Feeling.  Wonderfully written by Nicky Wire, who still has that knowing glint in his eye all these years later.  It's just a great closer, noisy and poignant.  Just the way Richie liked things.
What's the point in looking back,
When all you see is more and more junk.
Never bothered with the Manics?  Start with this and work backwards.  The Holy Bible is still my favourite album but then it has got Faster on it, but Everything Must Go was a great introduction to a brilliant band.  Roll on Isle of Wight festival.

Monday, 24 January 2011

The One Where You Forgive Sean For LOXG

Well holy shit for Sean Connery.

The vote is in, and unless Jax really did sit there hitting Connery over, and over, and over... well, it was pretty unanimous.

I'm not really surprised.

I have great memories of going to see The Living Daylights at Aldershots flea pit cinema, so I have a soft spot for Dalton. That said, Dad went to see Licence To Kill with out me, so fuck him. (Dalton, not my Dad. Obviously).

Then, I remember the re-launch of Goldeneye. Dad and I qued around the block to see it at Camberley. Great times, and for me, still up there as the best Bond film. Studying it during Media Studies at A-Level should have tarnished that. The fact it made me love it more speaks volumes.

Then Casino Royale kicked us all in the balls. QoS is underrated, (in a way similar to LTK, for me). And Bond 23 is green lit. Sam Mendes is in, which is awesome.

But lets not pretend we don't want a Tarantino Bond movie. Maybe with a Connery cameo...

Oh, and my favourite Bond film with Connery? Never Say Never Again. Deal with it.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

The One Where We Vote On Twitter Censorship

Ryan Babel fined £10,000 for a RT of the above picture.

Silly boy.

Bringing the game into disrepute? Being unprofessional? Or just having a bit of fun?

So this weeks vote is... Should Twitter Be Censored?

Pop back tomorrow for the write up on Who Is Your Favourite Bond.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

The One Where Its @KJCollard's Birthday (#6)

I was toying with launching this weeks (next weeks?) Vote tonight - but decided against it. Two reasons. One, the last few have done really well. They launched on a saturday night. If this one suffers, I'll learn something. (It's about twitter, so...). Secondly, somewhere over in the United States Of America, one of my favourite tweeters turns 21 (ish). Happy Birthday KJC. 

*Raises JD and Coke* 

This song reminds her of being a young toe rag in the 80's. She also has an unnatural obsession with John Cussack. If this extends to Hot Tub Time Machine I'll just pull this tribute. 

Its also in My Top 100 Of All Time, which now has a handy link over there, somewhere on the right.

The One With MUFC Versus Brum

The last time I went to Old Trafford was to see the opening game of last season.

It was pretty woeful. A lot of the problems that persist today were evident, actually. Still, the sausage rolls were nice. Cheers JMcG.

1-0 United win, that if we're honest, we'd take today.

But in reality, how long can we keep trundling on?

I thought the Spurs 0-0 was a great result. Incredible defensively.

But attacking wise we were inept. Rooney, after looking like he had turned the corner, was snarling away. We let it slip at Birmingham. In lieu of other games it looked a pretty good point. We need to blitz them today, no question.

Then, on Tuesday we get our rematch with Blackpool. Hopefully we make them pay for calling that game off.

The One Where Live For Films Lives Forever

Several awesome things happened yesterday.

First, a total labour of love. All of my LFF reviews, re-sized, and grouped in the catagories I reviewed them in. No benefit to anyone but me, but it gives me an idea of how many I've done, and that I really need to watch more 70s movies...

Friday, 21 January 2011

The One Where We Start Again...

Nice one, GC. Finis.

The One Where ET Swims Faster Than A Shark

You know when you crash your car, and are looking for some good news?

Well, today Ethan had me beaming.

We went to the swimming pool, and after what seemed like an eternity of him holding on to my hand, then four fingers... then three... then two... yep, you guessed it... then one... he decided today he wanted to cut loose.

The One Where Black Swan Divides Opinions

Romy Shiller writes great movie reviews. Her most recent was Black Swan. I've included it below, so you can see what inspired my review. Enjoy.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

The One Where Blue Valentine Crushes My Teeny Heart

There are no words. Well, there's a few. HERE.

The One Where 127 Hours Makes Me Wince

127 Hours is a brilliant film.

The energy from the opening credits alone is more than most films can muster - but lets be honest. This is Danny Boyle. One day he may get the credit he deserves. I know that sounds crazy after Slumdog, but not a huge amount of that praise was for him.

So why am I not sure if I'll ever buy the Bluey...?

The One Where Cool Guys Don't Look At Explosions

I need more laughter on here. Especially after watching Hot Tub Time Machine. (One word review = Shit).

Davie Legend provides most of that on twitter, and has pointed me to some insane videos.

This one, though?

It's a great song, too.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The One Where I Go Back To The Future

So, I finally got round to watching the Back To The Future box set that I was kindly given for Xmas.

It's been an 80's fest on the 50", and I make no apology for it. First Karate Kid, now this.

So what is my view?

Well, my view is the box set is £17.99 in most places now, so if you have a Blu Ray player, and like the films, why quibble?

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

'I bet you don't know how to sell conviction' by @diaryofaledger

Half way through 100 Broken Windows is a song of such wonderful loud/quiet madness that I couldn't help but fall in love with Idlewild, however briefly.

This was sort of my introduction to them way back in 1999, I was aware of a great track called When I Argue I See Shapes, from their first album prior to this coming out.  I must have heard Roseability on the radio at some point and thought, fuck, that's a pretty cool song.  They were Biffy, before I found Biffy.  Then they went soft...

The One Where Ricky Gervais Gets A Red Card

Robert De Niro laughing at a Ricky Gervais joke.

Does life get any better?

Gervais went missing for an hour... it was worth it. The mans a genius.

OK... It *might* get better. How about Batman Bateman giving De Niro a shout out? Love it.

Monday, 17 January 2011

The One Where You Have To Go Back

So I said to GC that the vote for last week should be Should You Ever Go Back?

Strangely it became more and more relevant as the week went on...

Sunday, 16 January 2011

The One Where I Pound Some Cunth

I watched Macgruber back to back when it first came out.

You know how you feel when you're the only one in on the joke?

Yeah. It was lonely. Laughing to myself. Heralding Val Kilmer as the come back king (Bad Lieutenant FTW!).

Now... JMcG has seen. And although I can't directly quote him, he essentially said...

The One Where I Get To Win This Time

Like art attack. But better.

Meet my new Emblem on Black Ops. (Below, not above... although that's cool, too.)

The strange thing is, cool as this is, in game, I've never seen anyone with it.


Whats better is now I rock the G11 (Cheers Flash), I have it red, so on the gun, the Emblem looks even better than it does on the Player Card. I could Prestige again, and may... but I'll enjoy the guns first I think.

I love Black Ops.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

The One Where We Vote Bond... James Bond...

Well about frickin time. Bond 23 is go. Sam Mendes directing Daniel Craig.

Bring. It. On.

This weeks vote then is fairly obvious...

Who Is Your Favourite Bond?

Write up for Should You Ever Go Back? goes up Monday night. Thatnks for all the Votes and RTs and Likes and that.

The One With Spurs

I had to smirk this week. Beckham allegedly injured in training. All along the ticker on Sky Sports News. I never thought I would say it, but maybe SAF was right. The Circus became too big to manage.

The One Where I Used To Sleep All Day (#5)

So I worked out that I need to do 8ish songs a month to spread out my Top 100

Friday, 14 January 2011

The One With Woman In Chains (#4)

God, I love this song. I remember my Uncle Dave playing it really loud in his bedroom, when we had gone round for dinner.

Tears For Fears best song. Deal with it.

The One Where I Wish I Was A Super Hero

I didn't know there was such a thing, but I've had 80's overload.

That, coupled with me pranging another car (downgrade that 3D TV, Audio Boys and Girls), makes me a sad little fella.

Kind of makes me wish I was a super Hero. See where I'm going here?

Above is Spidey. With 3 scars. Lizard?

Below, is Captain America. With little wings on his head.

Welcome to 2011. These are for your benefit, Dad... thoughts?

The One Where Peter Cetera Saves Karate Kid Part II

Now, you're all sat there thinking... "Wow. Did AT deliberately go on and on (and on) about the opening of Karate Kid (1984!), because the opening of Karate Kid II is so unique?"

Well, honestly... No. I totally forgot the opening of II meant I could have skipped the original film, and saved myself 127 mins.

I wouldn't have wanted too, obviously. It's a classic. But how cool is it that the credits come up over a total recap of the first film?

I love it.

The only comparison I have is waiting at the end of Matrix Revolutions, after the credits, for the trailer for the other one. Or was it the other way around? Whatever.

We're sort of owed that start, to be fair. The freeze frame on Miyagi at the end of Karate Kid may be the worst ending of all time. (Apart from Hot Tub Time Machine. But that kind of goes with out saying.)

What I also love about Part II, (like The Godfather. You need to treat this bad boy with some respect.) is that the opening scene is more violent than anything in the first one. Yet it's a PG.

No, I don't know what that bothers me so much. So stop asking.

What did strike me during Part II, was that it was a Now that's not a problem. I fully appreciate Top Gun is the gayest film ever, but I felt a bit uncomfortable here. Daniel is a young man. He's a little bit obsessed with Miyagi. I'm probably reading too much into the fact that he let Elizabeth Shue leave him. I would never do that. I couldn't do that. I'd go Boxing Helena on her ass.

 Just kidding. 
*Looks at the floor, then the sky, then to the left...*

Hit the picture up there for a link to one of the greatest songs of all time. In fact it's probably in my Top 100, so lets call this #4 Woman In Chains.

So... is Karate Kid Part II better than Karate Kid? That was a rhetorical question. Of course it's not.

I like that they go to Okinowa. But the fact they go with out saying goodbye to Mrs (Ms?) Larusso makes it feel like a tag on. I know that  Elizabeth Shue was on her way to better things, but... well, couldn't they have had a break up scene? With Peter Cetera singing in the background?

I'm being churlish, but I sort of mean it. A big part of a sequel for me is the characters coming back. Otherwise it gets frustrating. Bond is forgiven for the amount of films there's been. But others, like the Lecter (Lektar?) movies annoy the hell out of me. Especially when I preferred Julianne Moore (what happened to her??). It makes me want them to remake Silence with her in it. Because we all know Jodie never bettered THIS.

If we're really honest, Peter Cetera saves Karate Kid Part II. That, and the quirky opening credits.

In between it's just a re-run of the first one. Miyagi and Daniel-san, getting close. In a bonding sort of way. (It's a PG, after all).

There's also a lot of talk about War. And how War is very bad. Very, very bad.

Thankfully, fighting is OK. And the end fight is a doozy. (Did I just say doozy? Yeah. You pulled it off. Roll with it.)

The reason I love the end fight so much is simple. The yellow outfit the dude in yellow is wearing reminds me of Big Trouble In Little China. And what could be better than that??

And really, we HAVE to finish on this. Legend. *Bows, whilst maintaining eye contact*

I've been thinking for a while I may start doing an IMDb fact thing. MC did it on his own Blog, but after that Blog rising from the ashes (for a day), it's gone (again). Seems a shame to waste it. *Raises JD to MC*

Charlie Sheen turned down the role of Daniel LaRusso

According to Joe Esposito, "You're the Best" was originally written for Rocky III (1982) which explains the lyric "History repeats itself". The song had been rejected in favor of Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger". Ironically, Survivor also performed the theme song ("The Moment Of Truth") for The Karate Kid. 

Former screenwriter Dennis Palumbo has said that he was offered the screen writing job for the film but reacted to the offer by saying he'd be "willing to do it if he (the title character, Daniel Larusso) lost the fight in the end." Palumbo explained his reasoning: "You can't have Mr. Miyagi tell him, 'It doesn't matter if you win or lose,' for 90 minutes and then have to have him win." Palumbo went on to say, "But that's because I was being a moron... Now, they made four sequels to that movie, so obviously I was wrong." (Palumbo's remarks appear in Tales from the Script (2009).)

Another little known fact, (not from IMDb). is that I don't really like Eye Of The Tiger.

And really, we HAVE to finish on this. Legend. *Bows, whilst maintaining eye contact*

Well, actually we should've ended on THIS, but whatever. Bonzai Mother Fucka. I know there were a lot of Links but you absolutely positively have to hit that last one. It may change your life.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

The One Where The Top 100 Gets Sexy (#3)

I know, I know... You're desperate for my Karate Kid Part II review. Patience, Daniel-San. That will post tomorrow.

In the mean time, turn the lights down low. Put your Chicago T-Shirt on. And run a hot bath.

#3 Peter Cetera - Glory Of Love

Damn. That's some good shit.

The One Where I Sweep The Leg, Johnny

I love the 1984 version of Karate Kid, so take this with tongue firmly in cheek. I've added a lot of exclamation marks... you know... for dramatic effect!

I'm not sure if it's turning 30 in a few weeks, and feeling old and haggard, but what once seemed fresh and new, now seems like it was made years ago.

The remake hasn't helped, as you can see HERE.

I paid £7.77 for both Blueys, and JMcG was right, my collection feels a bit more complete as a result. (Certainly with the first one, anyway).

So I thought I'd do  a double bill...

The opening of Karate Kid is hilarious. For a start, when Danny leaves for his new home, the kids waving him off are half his age. Them randomly, another kid appears on the left, and shouts something at the car. I'm not sure if it's deliberate or not... Mainly because the camera is so far back. We hear Danny but don't see him for about three minutes, when he finally gets his Hero shot. Deep.

This could be a Western, really.

The mountains. The galloping score by Bill Conti. The Horses. Their battered car.

It's very... 80's.

From a Bluey point of view the picture gets much sharper when they get to California, as it's a bit scratchy to start with. You know... a bit 80's.

The music continues to amaze during the Beach scene. Including slow mo shots of Elizabeth Shue (HOT!), and close ups of hot fires. HOT! This whole damn film starts to warm up. If only Bananarama were on the soundtrack with Cool Summer. You know... to cool this film damn. Eh? Cruel Summer? I thought it was Cool Summer? Shit. Still works.

It starts to become a real "coming of age" drama. Except it's a 15. And that puzzles me. The new one, and the sequel, are PGs. Terminator has been downgraded to a 15. So what gives?

I thought about this, and can only think of one answer... hot dang, Elizabeth Shue is HOT!

Fear does not exist in this Dojo... does it?

What I love about 80's movies is the innocence. Nowadays, if Elizabeth Shue was flirting, (I wish!), and she kicked a football miles away (conveniently to the place where the Cobra Kai are!!), then just walked off... well, if it was a summer blockbuster we would call it out. Here? Here we just shrug our shoulders.

That scene literally makes no sense. Why does she boot the ball away? Then he says... "Oh, don't worry, I'll get it". Runs off. Gets his ass kicked. It is there soley to let the Cobra kai have their villainous entrance. Drinking brewskis? Whilst riding mopeds? That's crazy! They must be the bad guys! (With the greatest bike helmet ever).

My biggest frustration whilst watching the first one is I always think Peter Cetera will kick in. Patience, Daniel San.

Holy shit... look what I found! I had these figures. They were amazing!

God I miss the 80's. I saw Hot Tub Time Machine t'other day which was about the 80's. But it was rubbish. JMcG liked it so much he leant it to me. I wasn't sure how to tell him I thought it was poor. Very, very poor. So I thought I'd Blog about it. Hopefully writing about the 1984 version of Karate Kid will counteract that.

Plus it's his fault I crashed my car t'other day.

Anyway. MC gives me stick for loving the remake. When the original gets going, it's pure 80's. And that's a special thing. But lets not pretend it's ageing.

Lets not pretend it could have done with some Peter Cetera, or maybe even Chicago.

GC is doing Icon Thursday again. Todays was most Iconic movie quote. He'll probably go for something no one has ever heard of. I think we all know it's "Sweep The Leg Johnny".

Back in a min with Karate Kid II!