Saturday, 22 January 2011

The One Where Its @KJCollard's Birthday (#6)

I was toying with launching this weeks (next weeks?) Vote tonight - but decided against it. Two reasons. One, the last few have done really well. They launched on a saturday night. If this one suffers, I'll learn something. (It's about twitter, so...). Secondly, somewhere over in the United States Of America, one of my favourite tweeters turns 21 (ish). Happy Birthday KJC. 

*Raises JD and Coke* 

This song reminds her of being a young toe rag in the 80's. She also has an unnatural obsession with John Cussack. If this extends to Hot Tub Time Machine I'll just pull this tribute. 

Its also in My Top 100 Of All Time, which now has a handy link over there, somewhere on the right.

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