Saturday, 22 January 2011

The One With MUFC Versus Brum

The last time I went to Old Trafford was to see the opening game of last season.

It was pretty woeful. A lot of the problems that persist today were evident, actually. Still, the sausage rolls were nice. Cheers JMcG.

1-0 United win, that if we're honest, we'd take today.

But in reality, how long can we keep trundling on?

I thought the Spurs 0-0 was a great result. Incredible defensively.

But attacking wise we were inept. Rooney, after looking like he had turned the corner, was snarling away. We let it slip at Birmingham. In lieu of other games it looked a pretty good point. We need to blitz them today, no question.

Then, on Tuesday we get our rematch with Blackpool. Hopefully we make them pay for calling that game off.

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