Thursday, 30 September 2010

The One Where The Town Is The One

"I'm Leaving This Whole Town In My Rear View"


Do I just tell her how I feel? Just jump right in there? I mean, I know how I feel. I've felt like this before.

Yeah. Hard to believe. But there's been others.

Inception was love at first site.

Scott Pilgrim was perfect.

But this time... This time... This time I think it may last.

This time. I think I've found the one.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The One With Shyamalans Devil

M. Night Shyamalan the director is dead...

Long live M. Night Shyamalan the writer??

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The One Where The Ledgers See The Town

Tonight, The Ledgers see The Town.

So fricking excited.

Monday, 27 September 2010

The One With The Console War

XBox (17), PS3 (12), Wii (4 - All From Lulu??)

I always say thanks for voting - but on this, genuinely, thanks for voting.

Gray will tell you I'm a nightmare for trying to be current, with whatever is going on in the world.

I just thought on a week where Nintendo were paying millions to tell us Mario was 25, it was a good week to debate this...

Saturday, 25 September 2010

The One Where We Vote On Snooker

12 O'clock lunches have been a bit rubbish recently.

MC has left the building. I'm never in.

So, on Tuesday last week, it was great to have a proper debate. The sort that ends in Gray and I barely talking. It's what we do.

Gray already posted this, and Davie and I commented.

But it's something that really intrigues me. I want to try and get a vote out of it, too - but thought asking people to watch an 8 minute vid was asking a bit much.

Especially if they just stumbled on the site, or are on the smart phone version of the site.

But I'm going to try anyway.

For those on the smart phones, what you're voting for, is whether Ronnie O'Sullivan is arrogant, or a sporting genius.

There's one example in particular. The video is on the Blog, ot originally on GCs Blog.

On the main site the video will take you back to the video, so you don't miss it - or I'll RT this during the day.

I think there is a thin line between sporting genius, and arrogance.

So much so, that I think you need to have a bit of arrogance, to push you that extra mile.

I link it to sports for two reasons.

One, it's results led - so it's totally measurable.
Two, the example below.

So, in case you didn't see it on GCs site, have a quick look at this vid.

Does Ronnie O'Sullivan cross the line?

I think if you have the talent, and can back it up, it's palatable. But it's still a bit of a turn off for me.

Unless its Cantona.

Or Ronaldo.

Or George Best.

I said it's a generation thing - so I'm posting this for you Dad. Arrogant, or sporting genius?

The One Where I Congratulate The Bundies

Genuinely pleased for a great couple. (It has nothing to do with one being my Boss!)

One of two things may happen tonight...

"Not enough thongs, too many schlongs"

I'll be in a bad way at work tomorrow. Oh well. Good excuse... it was my Boss' wedding.

Friday, 24 September 2010

The One Where ET Like To Move It, Move It.

Colour me impressed. And more importantly, colour ET impressed.

Grays review sold it too me. But not in the way you'd think.

He mentioned you could use the new Move controller on the XMB bar. He mentioned a lot more too, so go read that if you want to know what it is.

He did spark a *Lightbulb* moment, though.

So... It could be a Blu Ray remote? I've needed one for a while - especially after I took two Dual Shocks on JMcGs stag, and neither worked on return. (Jim... JIM... JIMMMM!)

It does that bit a treat.

But the gaming? Or the potential to game?

It's excellent. Especially that aircraft one I was addicted to for ages on the iPhone - it translates really well. Don't mention Heavy Rain. I spent twenty minutes downloading the normal version. Dick.

I can't wait to kick GCs ass at table tennis.

Show them how it's done, ET...

The One Where Daddy Day Care Never Really Went Away

"Do one Nintendo. We rock Sony".

"That's how I roll"


Subtly text to Mrs T. Now hanging in the hall way.

"Hmmm... The Force is strong in this one"

Calm down, calm down. I'm not stupid. Of course I got Mrs T something.

Apologies to anyone reading this on their phones.

It's a collection of pictures.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

The One Where I Like Robin Hood More Than Gladiator

Oh Robin... where did it all go wrong?

Not for me of course. I'm talking about the infamous 3/10 review, from one of my Heros (Non-Ledger).

Me? I prefer it to Gladiator.

*cue mad scramble to nail me to the cross*

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The One Where Fergie Went AWOL

The thing with United is that we'll always be headline news.

Even against Scunthorpe in the Carling Cup.

60 minutes before kick off, we're told Fergie is in Spain.

I immediately presume it's to re-sign Ronaldo. (What... you haven't heard?)

More likely it's to scout Valencia, who also play tonight.

Either way, it's odd.

Eerie even.

United with out Fergie. Well, it's not really United at all is it?

Maybe a good way of getting myself used to it.

The One Where Other Guys Can't Step Out Of Anchormans Shadow - And That's Your Fault

Anyone on twitter that remembers the infamous night Anchorman night, knows twitters never been the same since.

I tried to pin point it, and I actually think that night was a turning point on twitter for me.

Everyone was quoting Anchorman, and quotes were then getting re-tweeted. And favourited.

It inspired me to try and remind people Will Ferrell had made other movies. HERE.

It was like the world didn't know that.

So... is The Other Guys going to have a quote night in a few years time? Is it good enough...?

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

'It's curtains for you Elizabeth my dear' by @diaryofaledger

It took a job at Safeway to get me into the Stone Roses.  Well a job at Safeway and Warrick.  I finished school at 16 and went to Tech College to 'study' Business taking with me an healthy love for poodle rock and not an ounce of cool.  Then I met Warrick and he started me down a path of musical delight.

The One Where AT Says Video Game Movies Are Universally Shit!

Over on GCs Blog, I have a pop at video game to movie conversions.

Don't worry. I may slag off Mario, but I'd never slag Roxette off.

Monday, 20 September 2010

The One Where I Unfollow On Twitter And You Want A Reason... But Why??

When Unfollowed On Twitter, Would You Like A Reason? Yes 24 No 18

Well, as ever, thanks for voting.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

The One Where It's Microsoft Versus Sony. (And Nintendo.)

OK. This weeks vote has nothing to do with social media. I blame you lot for lack of suggesting ideas.

XBox 360, PS3, or Wii.

One that won't get much attention, I fear.

Marios 25th birthday.

Wii getting out "wiied" by Sony.

And Microsoft unleashing something last Tuesday that may change everything.

The One Where MUFC Owed Liverpool That

Manchester United v Liverpool 3-2

I'll admit. There may have been a moment where I didn't believe.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

The One Where MUFC Owe Liverpool

I have loads of Liverpool memories.

At Old Trafford, Rio with his left foot, then the header right on the 90th minute.

There's little doubt with how United are feeling, though. We're unbeaten so far, but it doesn't feel like it.

The One With Escape From New York

So, at my Fathers request, I close the book on John Carpenter, here.

I've written about two others for Live For Films, so this is the trilogy closer.

I've created a Hall Of Fame: Bit That Got Published - that's on the left of the Blog. Pics of the movies, hit them, and you're transported to the review.

I'll keep writing as long as Phil will have me.

So... what next?

Friday, 17 September 2010

The One Where Vida Is Our New Leader

So, from this... ^^^

To this...

He was gone in the summer apparently. Then he stayed. Now he's captain. It's hard to think the two things aren't linked. Would I rather he wasn't here, though? God no.

I think we all know Rios unreliability fitness wise is what held him back.

Totally behind Vidic, though. He's a monster. Like Keane.

Best news of the day though... Owen Hargreaves may be cured.

His Doctor said a lot of nice things. None nicer than this:

"it's all worked out"

If he's right, and Hargo plays again... well, it will be one of my happiest MUFC memories. I'm not crying. It's raining on my face.

The One Where If You Own A 360, You Need To Get Halo Reach

"Don’t consider this a full review; consider it just a taste of my experience. Would you trust a movie review from someone who left the theater early?" - Jo Blo

Right, now I don't want to get labelled as a MW turn coat.


After a fair few plays on this, I just have to applaud.

And whilst it would be unfair to compare it with Black Ops (MW2 is dead to me now) -  Something is undeniable. They will be compared.

And whereas I thought Halo would be the one that rather that wasn't the case... Well, now... I'm not so sure...

Thursday, 16 September 2010

The One With Another Bale Rant

This is quite brilliant.

Plus it paves the way for my Halo thoughts, due up tomorrow.

I'll tell you about three key elements that are better than MW2/Black Ops.

Word of the day? Machinima!

The One Where Love Film Drops The Ball


Away Days, Love Film? Really?

It's bottom on my list of 20 odd movies, FFS!

So... was it the disaster I was expecting...?

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The One Where FIFA Loses Because I Win 6-0

I've been looking forward to playing the FIFA demo.

Gray and I were in HMV mentally spending money.

A dummy FIFA box was there, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about buying it.


With money I don't have.

The One Where #MUFC Got What They deserved. Nothing.

My God. What an awful first half.

Bless Ally McCoist and Walter Smith (he got us Rooney, don't forget).

They looked so happy sat there. Level with a Carling Cup team.

And why not?

Boring or not, United hadn't done enough.

Then, as the analysis finished - Biffy kicked in. Second half couldn't be as bad. Could it...

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

'Breathe out, so I can breath you in,' by @diaryofaledger

The Foo's don't tend to make great albums, cool, arse kicking singles aplenty but the albums tend to drift, lose their pace and fall short of classic.  All but one that is.  The Colour and the Shape was album two for Dave Grohl after the premature demise of Nirvana and it's here that those demons get exorcised.

The One Where I Remember Vietnam

I've only gone and written about Vietnam movies, on DiaryOfALedger.Com

Go read. *Please*

The One Where I Get Halo At Midnight

First impressions, after a few plays... you know at 1:15AM

First game was a veritable nightmare.

Monday, 13 September 2010

The One Where Twitter Kicks FaceBooks Ass

So Twitter versus Facebook.

Twitter 24 versus Facebook 16.

And what have we learnt?

Well, I voted for Facebook. Hear me out. Hear me out.

The One Where You Unfollow Me... Do I Want To Know Why?


So twitter won last weeks vote. That little post goes up tonight.

This weeks vote centres around twitter.

I would like to know when unfollowed... would you like to be told first?

If you have thoughts on this one, click the vote picture, and it will bring you back to this post. That way, you can comment.

That won't work on the iPhone version. Sorry.

Cheers to Nessa for this suggestion.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

The One With Resident Evil - And Where JMcG Was Right To Avoid The Cinema This Week

I'm not gay or owt but going to the cinema with out JMcG was weird.

This would have been an interesting one to review with him too.

I've seen the first one. Avoided the second and third like some sort of zombie plague.

So what did I make of Afterlife...?

Saturday, 11 September 2010

The One Where #MUFC Throw It Away

Everton v Manchester United 3-3


It's pretty simple.

Drawing 3-3 with Everton Away, is a better draw than drawing 1-1 at Home with Blackburn.


So why doesn't it feel like that...?

The One Where I Remember When

If anyone wants to know what 9/11 means to me, listen to The Rising.

9/11 hit me hard.

We had literally booked to go the States as a Family, on September 11th 2002.

Then, that.

Friday, 10 September 2010

The One Where The Thing Is The Warmest Place To Hide

I think I'm a bit obsessed with John Carpenter. More than I ever realised.

Phil on Live For Films has been awesome, and just said keep writing.

So what do I write about...?

John Carpenter.

Hit the link.

The One Where Rooney Needs To Grow Up, Or Go

Well, the good news is...

Even though Rooney is "allegedly" a cheating scumbag (tonights quotes suggest otherwise, mind), who would rather be with a £1200 escort (not a prozzie... there's a difference), it hasn't affected his game.

Friday versus Bulgaria, Tues versus Switzerland. Easily the best he's played for England in a year, yes?

So what next?

The One Where I Finally See This Is England '86

I love Shane Meadows.

I sort of worked my way backwards.

Dead Man's Shoes is brilliant. A quality film. Undervalued, and under seen.

Meadows followed it up with This Is England.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

The One Where JMcG And I Tag Team The Last Exorcism

God damn you Eli Roth.

First you get to be on the panel of a wet t-shirt competition, in this.

Then, then, you stamp your mark all over this clever little thriller.

Don't hit the jump if you can't take spoilers. It's one of those that's impossible to justify my reaction too, without spoilers...

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The One Where Pro Evo 2011 Comes Home

I loved Pro Evo 2010. I think that's well documented.

I loved it in spite of it's faults though. A few games on 2011 hammered that home.

Is love blind?

The One Where Fantastic Mr Fox Blows Me Away



We need a happier day on the Blog today, after a Killer Inside Me/Teeth double bill on Thursday.

Oh, and after making my Dad nascious with the 30 second clip from Machete.

So... is Fantastic Mr Fox the film to bring a smile to all our lil faces...?

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

'But when I woke up I was happier than I'd ever been' by @diaryofaledger

Gish, the first Smashing Pumpkins album hadn't, despite the mighty 'Rhinoceros', set the world alight. In the wake of a world gone grunge though Siamese Dream was an album delivered at just the right time and many of their peers thought the whole thing a bit contrived.  But the album sold by the bucket load, the angsty lyrics and distinct guitar sound actually sounding like something different at the time.

Monday, 6 September 2010

The One Where 2D Wins By A Landslide

2D it is then.

Thankfully the low vote tally on the Blog itself, was joined by a 2D thumping on the App.

Hooray for smart phones.

The One Where Facebook And Twitter Duke It Out


Facebook or Twitter?

Simple as that.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

The One Where You Can't Forgive Rooney That, If True

Look, if Wayne Rooney cheated on his wife full stop I'd be disgusted.

If he cheated on her while she was pregnant I'd be mortified.

If he carried that on for four months... well, it's hardly a drunken mistake, is it?

Two things spring to mind, for me.

One, I'm incredibly naive to believe my Heros would act the way I want them to act. The way I would act.

Two, Sometimes, nothing surprises me.

£1200 on a prostitute? That could get me a Season ticket, and maybe another (Dad and ET could share).

This isn't about money, but seems to be another insight into the modern day footballer.

If it's true, cheers Wayne. Way to create a role model for me and my son.

If it's untrue... why not deny it, and sue for every penny? And rid the world of a couple of tabloid trash papers while you're at it.

I love Wayne Rooney more than I have any right too. But no one has a right to do that to their wife... or more importantly, my beloved club.

I'm starting to know how Dad felt idolising George Best. And I don't like it.

Stop shagging around and more of this please...

Still. Atleast I didn't buy an England shirt with his name and number on, eh?

Oh, for fucks sake.

The One Where I Sort Of Want Guns N Roses To Play IoW

I don't know why, (because turning up late to your own gig is a dumb thing to do - I get pissed off if they're on time!) - but I really want to see Guns N Roses at the IoW Festival next year.

I know there would be a risk they wouldn't turn up. Or not finish the set.

I totally get it's not the "real" band.

I can't really justify it at all if I'm honest.

I just think they've done enough sing a long tunes to justify The Ledgers© dancing around like mentalists.

Plus I do a mean air guitar to November Rain.

Just me?

How do you want to see at a Festival next year?

And more importantly... will you be joining The Ledgers© at IoW 2011?

Saturday, 4 September 2010

The One Where Manchester United > England

I did something very hasty last weekend.

Fed up of the criticism of Rooney, I got an England shirt with his name and number.

£15 in the sale. Not bad.

And that sums up my thoughts of England v Bulgaria nicely.

I watched for Wayne. Watched for Rio showing more leadership and poise sat in the stands than half of the team can muster.

Back to "cheering" when Stevie Me scores.

Back to trying to like JT.

Back to thinking Hart is the best young keeper in the world at the moment, and how United might tempt him.

Back to thinking out of everyone, I like Spurs players the most.

I wore an England shirt last night. And all I could think about was getting revenge over Everton next saturday.

Oh, and thank god Berba wasn't playing, eh? In this form, he'd ice skate around Upson and do a diving header on the floor if he wanted too.

United Memories will be back properly next Saturday, with some Everton memories. A bit earlier than normal, as that has been moved to Saturday, 1:30PM now. You know... because the big teams have Champions League commitments.