Monday, 27 September 2010

The One With The Console War

XBox (17), PS3 (12), Wii (4 - All From Lulu??)

I always say thanks for voting - but on this, genuinely, thanks for voting.

Gray will tell you I'm a nightmare for trying to be current, with whatever is going on in the world.

I just thought on a week where Nintendo were paying millions to tell us Mario was 25, it was a good week to debate this...

Thanks for the comments on the previous post, too.

So... Nintendo, as mentioned, got all of their "celebrities" to tell us why Mario is so special. (I hate Mario). How they would never forget iconic moments. To be fair, the first time I saw Yoshi, it did blow my mind.

So... what do Microsoft do? Well, they take a cool £200 Million worldwide.

I can't think of a better, and bigger "screw you" than that.

Not that Nintendo spent £200 M on their advertising, but that it was a landmark, and Microsoft jumped in there.

Halo Reach was three years (at least), in the making - but don't think that it wasn't noted this was a big event for Nintendo.

For me, it sums Nintendo up. They are living on past glories. Gray will swishing his Move controller round as we speak - so the one bit of innovation they did have, is no longer unique.

I actually voted X Box, on this.

As a console I think it's more intuitive, more asthetically pleasing.

There's no doubt that when a game is released on both, 9/10 the game will look and play better on the X Box. That's just  a fact.

But Halo was a major part.

That launch was impressive. I got sucked right in.

I don't doubt I'll get sucked in with Black Ops too - GC and I went out shopping on the Tuesday, and what was in HMVs massive shop window?

Not Spartans, that's for sure.

Black Ops writ large, reminding me that in a few weeks, I'll come crawling back.

But here's a funny thing...

I'll get it on the PS3. Along with my game of the year, too - Pro Evo.


Well, it's the community thing.

The Ledgers game on the PS3. I don't even know if there was a point where we all owned a 360, but we all have owned one.

So why get rid of it?

And, as a special mention to my Dad... why own THREE at different points?

Well, for me, it goes back to the HD DVD/ Blu Ray war. I sort of knew HD was on the wane, but got a HD DVD player for the 360 anyway.


So I could blitz Ebay, when they announced they weren't making any more. I cleaned up.

With out that, would I own a 360? )I bought a second one with Bonus, as my other one was having "Red Ring Of Death" issues).

Maybe not.

Would the Halo buzz have made me regret that?

Almost definately.

So I won't get rid of it. And, when they upgrade, or if ET shows signs of wanting one, I'd get a Wii too.

Corner the market. It's the only way to be sure.

As for Sony... well, they have their own release in a few weeks, that is exclusive, and god knows how many years in the making. £200+ M? Don't bet against it...

Plus they have Blu rays. And they'll be here forever. Right?


Ah, whatever. Future of gaming? It's this...

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