Tuesday, 31 August 2010

'Trying to make ends meet, you're a slave to money then you die.' by @diaryofaledger

When Urban Hymns hit the shops the UK was in the middle of Oasis fever.  Except something had gone wrong.  The first two Oasis albums had gripped the nation by it's boisterous heart strings, creating something that felt new and vibrant, but the third tried too hard to have some depth, coming across as bloated, lacking the bite and energy of it's predecessors.  Some will tell you now that Be Here Now is underrated.  It's not.  But another band went and made the album that Oasis' third should have been.  The Verve.

The One Where 3D Deserves To Win The Vote

Hmmm. Not really caught your imagination has it?

Thanks to everyone whose voted so far.

With out seeming negative or ungrateful, I'm staggered at the amount of hits this Blog gets, when comparing the amount of votes. Feedback would be really good. I'm presuming it's the subject matter, rather than vote apathy I feared. I think that because the next two weeks subjects revolve around twitter. I bet you vote then.

Monday, 30 August 2010

The One With 2-D Versus 3-D

@DomCoke kindly suggested loads of options for these votes, listed here.

The one that jumps out at me for this weeks vote is 2-D versus 3-D.

It's not going to grab every ones attention, but crucially, it's topical. Avatar was re-released this weekend. In 3-D. Cash cow Or cinematic gem? Is anyone trying desperately to see it in 2-D? Has anyone still not seen it in 3-D?

We have quite good banter about this on twitter, so let's actually put it to the vote.

It's available from now, to next Sunday. I'll write it Sunday night, and it will be on here for next Monday. Where we'll start again.

Suggestions always welcome for these.

Nessa has grabbed the idea for next week... I'm intrigued as to whether these work better as being linked to twitter/Facebook etc. I guess I'll tell from the voting.

Don't forget it's smartphone friendly now, so you can vote on there.

I'll write about this one for next Monday, when I'll launch the next Vote.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

The One Where We Stroll It Against The Hapless Hammers

Manchester United v West Ham United 3-0

This is what we didn't see enough of last year, for me. Three nil, in second gear, but crucially killing a team off. I thought we looked OK, but you can only beat what's in front of you. It could have been six if we had wanted six. I'd rather take two, a clean sheet, and no injuries though.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

The One Where I Get Published On My Fave Site

"Youhoo, I'll Make You Famous"

Sorry for another post today, but this is exciting. I've written a review that has gone up, not only on a proper site, but on my favourite site!

Go look, HERE, and RT if you can.

Cheers for reading, and supporting. That's 1/3 things achieved since I started the Blog. Now for the other two...

The One Where West Ham Spoil It #MUFC

Memories against West Ham...

Well, if we're honest, most of them are bad ones.

Andy Cole not being able to score for him on the last day of the season, with us losing the League.

More recently, and still gauling, is the Di Canio goal against Barthez.

The One Where JMcG And I LOL Through Piranha 3-D

Mondays Poll is going to be 2-D versus 3-D.

This cine pass has let me see films I would never have bothered with. many of them have been 3-D.

Many of them have been 3-D that I could watch with out the glasses. That's not the same thing.

So... what did JMcG and I think of Piranha 3-D?

Friday, 27 August 2010

The One Where It's AT And Scott Pilgrim Versus The World

"What Are You Doing?" "I'm Getting A Life"

I don't think of myself as a geek.

There were people at the cinema last night with blue hair. And Scott Pilgrim badges. 

That's not me.

There were people there with glasses, and lightning bolts on their forehead. And grins, like the kind of grin you have watching Kelly Brooke swim naked. In 3-D. More on that later...

That's not me either, though. That was Gray.

So what would Scott Pilgrim Versus The World mean to me?

Thursday, 26 August 2010

The One Where MUFC Believe In Fate

Right. This is this.

Other teams can say what they like, this is the pinnacle of world football.

I realise, a few months away from it now, that the World Cup will never compete for me.

The One Where I Turn It Up To Eleven

"Why Don't You Just Make Ten Louder?"

So tomorrow is the day after the night before.

For the second time in a week, I'm going to the cinema twice today.

Last week was Salt, and Knight And Day (Again, hence no second review).


Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The One Where Davie Legend Gives Us Some Bowie

It goes with out saying I prefer this to Bowies version. I don't hate Bowie, but this wouldn't have won if I'd fixed the vote.

There was promise of a hat if Jason Mraz one... so I kind of expected some face paint.

Good job though Davie.

And thanks to everyone who voted.

While listening, go to Davies other videos and have a listen. Hey Ya is class.

Davie also has a Blog, where his film reviews are what I aspire to. Read. Can't wait for his Indy review, and realisation that they "nuked the fridge".

Davie also plays a lot of Modern Warfare, proudly bearing the Clan <LEDG> tag. Although my K:D (Kill/Death Ratio) is better than his now. Fact.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

'King Jeremy the wicked ruled his world' by @diarofaledger

Poor old Peal Jam, always in the shadow of Cobain and Co and the album everyone owns (Ten), was blown out of the water by it's successor (V's).  'Ten' isn't a bad album at all, but it's fascinating to listen to retrospectively with the weight of twenty years of history to judge it by.

The One Where Repo Men May Be Better Than Repo Man

I'm one of the few people that saw Repo Men at the cinema.

Today, after a nice surprise (I had credit on my BlockBusters account), I got it on Blu.

Must be good then...?

Monday, 23 August 2010

The One Where We Wait On Our Song

So the public has voted, and the votes are in...

Vote for the future of Iconthursdays

The destiny of Iconthursdays is up for grabs.  

Do you want the format to stay as it is, with me choosing from the suggestions I get, irrespective of the amount of nominations?  Or would you like it to be a straight vote on a Thursday with the Icon with the most votes earning the post.

I'm up for either, I love doing it, but don't want it to go stale.  AT runs the vote on this site so you can stay here to vote and it will run for a week, starting today.  You can also vote on the Mobile version of this site, look for the poll option.

Go on then, don't hang about, VOTE.  Oh and RT and share etc... love you, Gray x

Sunday, 22 August 2010

The One Where A Draw Isn't A Defeat - Remember That

Fulham v Manchester United. 2-2

On twitter I've come up with a strategy.

Half of my friends list is people I like talking too. Films. Music. TV. *coughs-Blogs-coughs*, that sort of thing. The other, is now Manchester United fans.

Today, something very cool happened. During the Fulham game, my timeline was all about United. From a United point of view. It worked brilliantly.

The One Where JMcG And I Ramble Through SALT

All the while through, I was thinking of No Way Out.

Not as a sideswipe to Salt. I just kept thinking that Spy movies aren't made like they used to be.

I have a soft spot for Spy Game, and on second viewing, I really liked Knight And Day a lot more.

My second viewing of that one, ironically directly before Salt. That was handy, as those in the know, will know Tom Cruise was originally in to do Salt, and dropped it for K&D.

So what of Salt...?

The One Where It's Time To Say Goodbye

Time to say goodbye. For almost a year, I've spent my gaming time on two games.

Please note, for optimum effect, please let Will Ferrell sing, whilst you read the article.

The One Where I'm A Geek. Twice.

So, I did two geeky things this week...

The One Where I Love Staring At Goats (Trying To Kill Them)

"What is it?" "The dark side"

What a quirky little film.

I'm a firm believer that the less you know about a film, the better.

Here though, you'd really need to know at least a little bit. It won't be me that tells you, though. It's the Jedi code...

Saturday, 21 August 2010

The One Where A Two Horse Race Became A One Horse Race

Both out on the same day, apparently. October 1st. No need to buy one, and trade it in for the other, then...

The One Where We Owe Fulham

United play Fulham tomorrow.

I have two recent memories of playing them.

One good, one bad...

The One Where The Inception Backlash Still Seems Loving

It's been a while since I've drooled over Inception.

If you hated it, you'll like these. They're taking the mickey a bit.

If you haven't seen it... why not?

Friday, 20 August 2010

The One Where I Discuss Twists Via The Movies Of Shyamalan

Movie twists. Here be spoilers. Or is there...?? *

*There actually is

The One Where The Ledgers Should Go Viral

The post above this one (^), sort of inspired this one.

I love what they've done with Last Exorcism, and would not be surprised if that's Eli Roths influence.

So it got me thinking, what viral campaigns have worked... and which ones haven't?

The One Where Cock Roulette Returns To Haunt Me

I saw two very, very cool things today. Both made me realise the power of cinema. Both are great ideas, but completely simple. The sort of thing you see, pat someone on the back for, then think... wait, that was so obvious it's untrue...

Thursday, 19 August 2010

The One Where I Put Laura Palmer To Rest

So I decided to finish the rest of Twin Peaks.

Mainly because I started Dexter and Deadwood.

It had sat there on for a while, and I was feeling quite distant to it.

Then... Something happened. Someone died. And turned into a door knob...

The One Where Andy Cracks One Out... And Reviews A-Team

I posted this last night, and had 5 online with in a minute... there was a problem, though, so today... we go again!

I've actually met Andy (AKA Andrew, AKA @ComedyFish).

He was doing a great job of cheering me up, after having £400 stolen. Then Steven Gerrard ruined all of his good work.

Son of a bitch.

Take it away @ComedyFish

The One Where I Almost Ruined It All

Jesus. That was close.

Anyone thinking I've been tinkering would be right, but not in a good way.

Long story, cut short, I'm lucky to have a Blog that's still working.

I'll tweak the colours etc over the next few days.

Play with the share, RT, and like buttons. (117? That would be nice!)

I've wanted to go back to this background for an age. I didn't think it would be like that though.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The One Where Twitter Goes A-List

Twitter has made me proud this week.

The One With Another Film I Wouldn't Normally have Bothered With, But Did, But Shouldn't Of

OK, OK. I went to see Last Airbender.

Let's not dwell on it. Don't think less of me. I did it for you. Yeah, you. So you didn't have too!

God, I feel so dirty.

The One Where Nic Cage's Hair Wins!

I went to see Sorcerers Apprentice the other day.

I'm a big kid, you know this, but actually it was in honour of Nic Cage.

This year, although a lot of people haven't noticed, he had two immense performances.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

'I'm not aware of too many things I am what I am if you know what I mean' by @diaryofaledger

Shooting Rubber Bands at the Stars was probably the first 'indie/folk' album that I ever owned.  Taped for me by a girl from school called Fiona, who I had a bit of a crush on, I loved it straight away.  There aren't many female singers that I really enjoy listening too, never been too sure why that is, maybe it's the singing along (badly) thing, but Edie Brickell's voice is an easy one to fall in love with.

The One Where It's A Tuesday Night Thing Now

OK. So now on Mondays is the vote thing, and Tuesday we write on each others Blogs.



Tough. Things change, and that's just the way it is...

The One Where The Season So Far Begins In Earnest

Manchester United v Newcastle United. 3-0

So, I want to log all of Uniteds results, but am conscious not everyone will be interested in that, so... All of the goals, a couple of pics, and The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly from the game. Or if you can't be assed with any of that, have a listen to the audio boos. There's a good chance I'll be drunk for most of them. Simple.

The One Where The Ledgers Chat About Expendables

This doesn't cut and paste as neatly as when JMcG and I do a FB chat, *BUT* it allows all four Ledgers to chip in, on the same film, and gives you a rough idea of what we thought of Expendables.

Monday, 16 August 2010

The One Where The Terminator And Rambo Got Their Asses Kicked

I've been doing a vote on my own Blog for a few weeks now.

It's dead simple. Two or three options, then tick a box to add your vote.

I never really specify what you're voting for - which is interesting.

Interesting because, in the Al Pacino versus Robert De Niro vote, most people went for films/acting.

In the Arnie/Sly/Willis vote, all of the chicks thought it was about who was fitter...

The One Where You Throw Your Knickers At D. Legend!

Right, let's break from Films, shall we?

Eh? Don't worry, I feel fine.

This week @DavieLegend has signed on to learn and record a song for us.

The choices being...

Saturday, 14 August 2010

The One Where The Season Kicks Off

In honour of Mr Lightfoot, whose been brave enough to come down and watch United v Newcastle on Monday night, with me.

Don't ever ask my Dad what he thinks about Philip Albert.

The One Where I Finally Catch Centurion


I heart Neil Marshall. But is love enough?

The One Where I Finally Get YouTube

My memories of  tonight...

Friday, 13 August 2010

The One Where I'm Short Changed By The Grin

Knight And Day had me really hopeful.

I love Tom Cruise. I'd never put him in my Top Three, but he's made some classic films. I think he's hugely under appreciated, so far as his acting goes, too.

So Cruise at the cinema, despite the Oprah sofa jumping, is still an event.

The One Where Three Become Two (But Are Still Four)

"Gonna Start A Revolution From My Bed"

Today, a Ledger leaves GC and I behind. To start a journey into the unknown. I know JMcG and GC will agree with me that there have been loads of memories, and loads of laughs.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

The One With Changes

OK. So there has been changes.

My fellow Ledgers Blog had a few tweaks, and that normally means I need to look at mine.

I actually did most of it over a few days, but was unsure if I was going to tinker.

Everything is aimed to make the Blog easier to navigate.


The One Where I Drop The F-Bomb (Finally)

"Did I phone him before I went on television? No. I think I will speak with him," he said.
"But I think David knows he has no future with the international team because we have to change. We tried to speak with him."

The One With Bob Revealed

"Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself, I'm A Man Of wealth And Taste"

So... I'm half way through Series Two.

What can I say about Twin Peaks?

I want to thank JMcG for urging me to see it. I know that. Here be spoilers...

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The One Where It's OK To Boo...

OK. So you pay your money... then what?

Do you spend all night booing?

Do you have a right to do that?

The One With The Missing Vote Post

AL PACINO v ROBERT De NIRO: De NIRO WINS 21 (61%) 13 (39%) 

If I ever had too, and I hope I never do, I'd name De Niro my favourite actor of all time.

The reason?

Monday, 9 August 2010

The One Where I Sort The Vote Schedule

So, I've been thinking.

I really like the poll idea, and the votes. (TOP LEFT, JUST TICK A BOX)

GC also does a poll of sorts, with Icon Thursday - which is a global phenomenom. You should def check it out.

'I Want to See You in the Water With Your Hands on My Head' by @diaryofaledger

A request piece tonight as AT and I vacate our blogs and write for each other.  Check his post out on my site.  I sat at lunch with the Ledgers today and asked what or whom I should write about and MC called it, 'Sugar'.

The One Where They Made You An Offer You Couldn't Refuse

I owe Mike Doran this.

Hit the jump to see who was the winner for a long period of last weeks vote...

While you're here, cast your vote top left for this weeks...

Al Pacino v De Niro.

Any ideas for next weeks vote?

Sunday, 8 August 2010

The One Where I Want To Kiss The Badge Too

“I not gonna do, what you all think I’m gonna do… which is… flip out”

I’m a spoilt football fan. A spoilt person, actually – but that’s for another day.

Playing at Wembley, in a glorified friendly… well, over the years, it’s lost it’s appeal.

Then I think… “What would Liverpool and City fans give to be contesting it?”

And I smile.

I thought it was a really good game.

I thought our movement was excellent – and the threat evident. But overall, the second half was petering out for Chelsea to scrape an equaliser.

Then something happened.

Hernandez missed a sliced shot. It was a great turn from Berba, on the right. He ran and pulled it back.

It was exciting.

As close as we came last season, I never really got excited too much.

This season feels different. And I know Spurs, Citeh and Liverpool fans are saying the same… that’s the beauty of football isn’t it?

At the end of the day, if everything fell in our favour, John Lewis FC could beat United. It’s eleven men, versus eleven men. That’s it.

Which brings me to another thing… kissing the badge.

When it’s Hernandez, that’s when.

Not just him. But his story is pure fairy tale, and at the moment I don’t think he can believe his luck.

Playing at Wembley, for United.

That’s a lot of boys dreams. It’s certainly mine.

When he kissed the badge I’m sure a lot of United fans saw it as a sign of intent.

And smiled.


The One Where I Don't Get A Global Phenomenon


I'll be honest. I didn't think this would be my sort of thing.

I love a foreign film, don't get me wrong - Let The Right One In and Red Cliff were "event movies" for me. I rush out to see that sort of thing.

Battle Royale, Ichi The Killer, Rec, I love it.

But this? This didn't appear to have any samurai swords, or explosive collars.

So... what did I think?

Saturday, 7 August 2010

The One Where I Give You A History Lesson (AT Style)

"In 1908 Manchester United (the First Division champions) and Queens Park Rangers (the Southern League champions) contested what is regarded as the first official Charity Shield. The match was drawn 1-1, so the game was replayed with United winning 4-0. The competition was preceded by the Sheriff of London (Dewar) Charity Shield, which saw the best professional and best amateur team come together and since 2002, the competition has been known as the Community Shield."

- Taken from Independant 2009.