Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The One Where The Season So Far Begins In Earnest

Manchester United v Newcastle United. 3-0

So, I want to log all of Uniteds results, but am conscious not everyone will be interested in that, so... All of the goals, a couple of pics, and The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly from the game. Or if you can't be assed with any of that, have a listen to the audio boos. There's a good chance I'll be drunk for most of them. Simple.


The Good:
Berba was class. Movement, work rate, confidence.
Scholes, rolling back the years. Thank god he didn't go to the WC. United > England.
Hernandez got his debut out of the way. He looked a bit star struck, but I think my tenner is safe.

The Bad:
Free kicks, and corners. Jesus - sort it out. Let Berba have them? Or Wayne. Awful. Every. Single. Time.
Valencia and Nani were disappointing, I thought. Lots of pace, poor final ball.

And The Ugly:
Bartons chimo tache (above). Appalling.

Any thoughts, United fans or otherwise?


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