Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The One Where The Ledgers Chat About Expendables

This doesn't cut and paste as neatly as when JMcG and I do a FB chat, *BUT* it allows all four Ledgers to chip in, on the same film, and gives you a rough idea of what we thought of Expendables.

Between Gray Collins, Jon McGlashan, Mike Cheese and You

Adam Truscott at 9:24am
So... bit of an experiment this one.

If it works, you'll see it on the Blog. If not, we died trying.

So, fellow Ledgers, we've waited a while for this one.

What did we think...?

Gray Collins at 9:42am
Not sure I'll see it today. Will see how I feel. Might be tomorrow, will keep you posted.

Adam Truscott at 9:47am
I apologise in advance for the Inbox messages then.

Atleast it will save you reading the Blog post...

Jon McGlashan at 9:55am
Not as good as I hoped but enjoyable nonetheless. There were some great set pieces though...

Mike Cheese at 10:02am
I really liked it. They should have kept the Arnie/Bruce bit secret though

Adam Truscott at 10:02am
Not as good as you hoped?

How so?

I agree, MC. That would have been immense.

That scene was quite quirky too.

*SPOILER* Bit gutted Arnie didn't turn up at the end with twin uzis, mind....

There is def a "harder cut" waiting to come out.

Some of the editing was a bit "off".

That said, and with out sounding like a pyscho, I was pleasantly surprised by the violence.

For a 15, it's a tough little film - with loads of nods to Commando, Rambo, and all those films JMcG and I grew up with as kids... and MC and GC grew up with as young me.


Jon McGlashan at 10:43am
Ha ha. It was unashamedly violent. I thought statham was the best thing in the film. Agree or disagree?

Mike Cheese at 10:47am
Was surprised to see the guy from White Chicks in it though!


I was friends with Statham once...true story!

Jon McGlashan at 10:51am
That just made him a little bit cooler

Adam Truscott at 11:21am
I really liked Statham actually.

The Crank films are OK for what they are, but he didn't piss me off anywhere near as much as I thought he would.

AA-12s on MW2, yes??

Jon McGlashan at 11:35am
Played with one this morning. They kick ass!

Adam Truscott at 11:37am
The side shot, of him walking down the hallway blowing everyone up had me in stitches.

Is that wrong?

Jon McGlashan at 11:45am
That was hilarious but then most of the violence was. It was cartoony.

Adam Truscott August 15 at 11:47am

Rambo, dialled down from eleven to eight.

"Warning shot... Bit low!"

Dolph was good. I'd like to think that's more developed in the extended cut.

Even Statham and his girlfriend didn't annoy me!


Any more to add, or are we all going off to illegally download the JDSet.Com??

*No answer... for hours*

Jon McGlashan at 7:50pm
that was the worst thing i have ever seen at the cinema. And i've seen Boogeyman (twice).

I hope you do see more of Dolph in the extended cut - his character needed more exploring.

Adam Truscott at 7:52pm
Nice. 8 hours later... I give you, JMcG everyone!

Jon McGlashan at 7:53pm
i've been mowing the lawn and stuff. they won't know it took me 8 hours to reply! (although they will now)

Gray Collins at 7:56pm
It took 8 hours to mow your lawn?!

Jon McGlashan at 7:57pm
i said AND stuff GC. i had to sweep up too

Gray Collins at 8:05pm
Ah fair enough. I missed the stuff bit.

Adam Truscott at 8:07pm
There's times on the post.

Gray Collins at 8:08pm
Ha ha.

For what it's worth, the film is flawed, too short, badly edited at times... *BUT* It's everything the film was going to be in my head. There is a longer, harder cut out there. Although, to contradict myself, it's easily the most violent 15 I've ever seen. Which is exactly what I wanted from it. Arnie looked a little out of his depth, and the shared scene is played totally for laughs - but for fans of 80's action movies... this is our Al and Bobby diner scene.

I can't wait to see it again. Once on Thursday, the next weekend with Dad. Can't wait to see his face when they load up the AA-12!

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