Monday, 16 August 2010

The One Where The Terminator And Rambo Got Their Asses Kicked

I've been doing a vote on my own Blog for a few weeks now.

It's dead simple. Two or three options, then tick a box to add your vote.

I never really specify what you're voting for - which is interesting.

Interesting because, in the Al Pacino versus Robert De Niro vote, most people went for films/acting.

In the Arnie/Sly/Willis vote, all of the chicks thought it was about who was fitter...

I found it all incredibly shallow, and refused to pander too it - even though I loved the fact @kyelani had inadvertently become a pimp for my Blog - RT after RT, to get Willis votes.

It worked, too.

He romped it. And although I grew up far more with Arnie and Stallone (third... THIRD??)... I can appreciate that BW is the better actor.

He's been pretty clever with (some of) his career choices, of late.

When I say that, I mean he's made some god awful films. Terrible. But he's always had charisma, and a cheeky grin.

After Unbreakable, which for me, is his best performance, he made a string of terrible movies. But peppered in there was Sin City and Lucky Number Slevin. The latter, hugely underrated. See it.

Red coming up, suggests he can still pick a gem out of the rubbish, but many probably voted on his early years anyway.

Let's not pretend Die Hard isn't a factor. It is.

A big one.

I have two memories of Die Hard.

One, whilst playing with mates, they told me they had seen it. We would've been... *counts* ... seven? Maybe eight. They said there was a scene where Bruce Willis stuck a stick of dynamite in each eye, and said his line.

Haha. Brilliant. I've no idea what they were thinking, but I think it explains a lot about how I turned out!

The second was my dad picking me up from school, with the new Empire magazine. A Die Hard 2: Die Harder review. A picture of Willis in the ejector seat, and a review saying it had the highest body count ever.

And with that, he's a legend.

People defend Hudson Hawk, I've always liked the sweary Last Boy Scout, and had a soft spot for Last Man Standing and Fifth Element.

Don't get me started on Armageddon, because I promised myself I wouldn't cry.

I won't bore you with the moment I think he'll never top. As Butch. Choosing between a chainsaw, baseball bat and samurai sword. (Playground rumour had it that he used the chainsaw in one version of the film. Trust me, what goes on in most boys heads is far, far worse than what is on screen).

Here's a link to some slutty Willis pictures... thanks for the help getting me to 50 guys and especially gals.

And, using @FionaFlaherty as my excuse, let's finish with a song, shall we? Take us out, Bruno.


Jax said...

you spoilin for a fight with the "chicks" comment? They're all old bastards now anyway. "Fitness" might have been a issue 20 years ago, but then i wouldn't have voted for BW in that case. And I'm not just one of @KyeLani's whores...(haha)

KyeLani said...

Dear Mav,

I was going to let this slide, but I can't.

I started the Vote Willis campaign because out of the three choices he's the one I'd MUCH rather watch in a movie*. So, shove 'shallow' up your arse :P


* especially one where the hero takes his shirt off

@maverick99sback said...

I'm not sexist, I just.....

*gets distracted as hot girl walks past, in a cheeky mini skirt*