Thursday, 29 April 2010

"Never Say "Who's There?"... Haven't You Seen Any Scary Movies?"

The One With Scream

Am I the only one excited by this??

"If You Can Make God Bleed... People Will Cease To Believe He Exists"

The One With RDJ And IM2

I'll be honest... I always thought the first Iron Man was overrated. Not in a bad way... just turned me off a bit, how everyone lauded it. I watched it again recently though, and its growing on me, in a big way. It gets better with each watch. The great thing is a lot of people are not "getting" the sequel. This is good because my expectations are down, going in.

"There are no words"

The One With Curling Cities

Got this trailer when I went to see IM2 today. Hard to concentrate after seeing it.

"Hail To The King, Baby"

The One With The Other Console

3/4 Ledgers need to get this. 

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

"Your move... Creep"

The One With Stallone In Robocop

More from LFF. How cool?

Seeing these have put me off doing Doodle Buddies... I suddenly had an epiphany, and realised they... need work.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Man Is The Mission

The One With Pacific

I'm four episodes into The Pacific, and loving it. I cant stop humming the theme.

Monday, 26 April 2010

"On The Seventh day Of Christmas, My True Love Bought To Me..."

The One With The United Crest, And United Memories 

I had three discussions last week about the Blog design. They centered around two points.

"Good Call, Baby Doll"

The One With @KyeLanis Birthday

Happy Birthday Sarah!

@kyelani yeeaahh!

I know... I know... There are no words.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

"Ease Down... You're Just Grinding Metal"

The One With Funny 3-d Pictures

I'm getting ahead of myself writing these Friday, while Ethan enjoys a Toy Story Double Bill. (Stunning, stunning Blu... but seriously... its suffering burn out!) So you could say I'm talking to you from the future... or past. Whatever. 88 mph, and that.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

"Great Shot Kid, That Was One In A Million"

The One With An Alternate Star Wars

WTF... How cool?? Live For Films keeps getting better, and better.

"Beware The Moors"

The One With... Twilight??

Lets break the Footy up a bit. I also need to put more "girly" things on the Blog, according to Mrs T.

I like Vampires. I like Werewolves... that will make this a bit more bearable when I have to sit front row, on opening night for this. Plus... if we're being really honest... this looks better than any of the Underworld films.

"Here Endeth The Lesson"

The One Where It Went All Top Gun

So with some help from GC, the Blog has transformed, from less United, to... more United. Thats a compromise, and I make no apologises.

"The winner takes it all"

The One With The Keeping Howler

I fell in love with football again, last Saturday. Its hardly in Uniteds hands, but I thought it was done, so am glad the theatre goes on for another week. Spurs have a poor record at Old Trafford, partly because of things like this...

U.N.I.T.E.D, United Are The Team For Me

The One With Carlsbergs Shocker

So I tweak the Blog, and this obviously means something like this happens immediately...

Unbelievable. If you ever see me drinking Carlsberg, punch me in the face.

Lets take it out on Spurs, yes?

"I Believe In America"

The One Where Fan Posters Prove They Are Better Than The Real Thing

I saw these on my fave movie site, and thought I should share...

Whats great is that this site really endorses fan made items. A lot of what I see on there is better, and far more inventive than what major movie studios produce... Seriously, why not get a fan to do it, when they come up with this sort of thing?

Compare it to some of these, and you'll have no choice but to agree....

"They Mostly Come Out At Night... Mostly"

The One Where I don't Sleep Tonight...

About six months ago I streamed Paranormal Activity on my old clunky PC. (Strokes Mac(s)).

I watched it in our conservatory, and am man enough to admit, it freaked me out a bit.

"I've seen things you wouldn't believe"

The One With @TheBoyCheese.Com

Ladies and Gents... I give you, Mike Cheese.

Still think "Royale with Cheese" is a cool name.

JMcG... I know you've got your stag, new house wedding, and the best beard of all time to work on - but sort it, yeah?

Friday, 23 April 2010

"Foggy London Town"

The One Where We Start Stag Prepping

So a week today, we'll be well into JMcGs stag do.

I've got a pretty full on week at work, first. But its come and around, and then in a short time, it will have been and gone. Enjoy it while it lasts then. I hope JMcG does, too. (If we can drag him away from his new garden!)

My plan is to enjoy it to the full, but I have a slight problem... I've stayed nights away from Ju and Ethan. My dream rota of Sunday-Wednesday even means that because of the late nights I rarely see them for the start of the week. Ethan and I went to the ball park Friday, and it hit me... I wont be doing that for a couple of weeks... I know Ju is cool with me going, and that makes it easier. I may be sneaking off to phone home every ten minutes though. I'll just take my pint with me.

Ball Park as soon as I'm back, Champ. Promise.

"You Gotta Be Effing Kidding Me" (Again)

The One With The Scary Video

Its Friday, so I'm allowed to go post crazy... OK? But this?? There are no words.

"Thanks" go to @craiggroves for pointing it out.

"I don't know much...but I know I love you"

The One Where I FIFA Bash. Again.

So there *is* another game. I remember the day FIFA 2010 came out, and I took the day off work, and blitzed it with Gray. We had a great day... but something niggled at me. I just knew I wouldn't be playing it in three months time. And I'm not. None of the Ledgers are.

"We're bubbling hot, hot, hot... we're bubbling hot"

So a volcano decided to wreak havoc over all of Europe. It was quite amusing until it almost affected Football. My team would have been at home anyway, but Liverpool and Fulham almost had their games called off. The problem with that would be the knock on effect it would have for United in the league. Liverpool could do us a huge favour versus Chelsea in a week. We're on the stag do that weekend. I'd consider wearing a Liverpool shirt  if it won us the league.

So volcanos...

"Sorry I'm late for work... I got delayed by a volcano".

Its a line we've all always wanted to say. Still... every cloud has a silver lining.

"Call Me Snake"

The One With Kurt Russell

Kurt Russell is one of the most underrated gems in Hollywood history. 
Rumour is he's upset. And that makes me upset. What we thought, 
nay hoped was dead... is alive once more. 

Thursday, 22 April 2010

"Next time Baby" (Not for you Terrence Howard, you freaking Diva)

The One With Remix Trailers

If I was President of the world... all movie trailers would be cut to Mike Relm Remixes. 

I'm gradually getting excited about this, but think the actual trailer is pretty average. 
I plan to IMAX it on Thurs next week, to 
test Southamptons new image screen. MC has called me a heretic for it.

I originally saw this on Live For Films, which is a quality site, and well worth a twitter follow.

"You're a big guy... but you're out of shape"

The One Where I Actually Like Michael Caine

Harry Brown is a great film. I had a feeling it would be. I've had it on my Love Film list for a while, but saw it cheap in Blockbusters, so picked it up.

"Its just a dream... He isn't real....He isn't..."

The One With Freddy

Oh.... Sweet.

Bit nervous though... Next week? Same week as Iron man 2? Thats either confidence or a massive lack of, right there.

I'd like the world to have more motion posters. Imagine Basic Instincts... *resists doing link*

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

"Is it safe?"

The One Where I Post From Work, And Owe JMcG An Apology

Bit of an experiment, this one...

I've always started work an hour before I've needed too. Apart from when I spent that hour "shelf filling", I've never been paid. I'm sure a lot of you do the same. My reasons are it gives me that head start that I'm never struggling during the day. I mean, I literally feel so in control of my day-to-day job, I'm never struggling to keep my head above water. The email everyone tries to send, and forgets. I do it then.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

"This is why Superman works alone..."

The One Where I Fancy Mrs Coldplay

'Iron Man 2' Buzz Heats Up Over Rumors Gwyneth Paltrow Gets Punched In Face

Haha. I like the bit when she gets punched in the face.

"Puny Human..."

The One With The Gym

A mini post today, about a small but significant achievement...

I went to the gym for the third time in four days today. I'm really enjoying it. Nothing hectic, but working up a sweat. I've definitely got the bug. I just feel so much healthier, and positive as a result.

Those that know me will know I've always wanted too, but never bothered. Somethings changed. I better make the most of it.

In other news, the Admin Team (@diaryofaledger) has sorted it so you can leave comments. So... you know... leave comments.

And one last one... told you Jose would make Barca look human. Legend.

Monday, 19 April 2010

"I think I saw his spirit, later that same year, I'm sure I heard an echo in my babies new born tears"

The One With My Gramps

I hope I don't sit crying whilst writing too many of these. This is just a special cause, though.

My Uncle is trying to cycle 50 miles to raise money for in aid of my Grandad who died last month.

On his just giving page is a picture, and its the first time I've seen a picture since the funeral - which isn't good enough on my part. I'll sort that. Please do what you can to spread the word. RT on Twitter if you see this, or copy the link onto FB. Its a great cause, and my Grandad was a very special man.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

"This Is England"

The One With Mission:Impossible... And That Kiss

We couldn't...... Could we?

Saturday, 17 April 2010

"My cars out back if you're ready to take that long walk"

The One With A Man And His Guitar

Take Me Home by SoulIsTheGoal from SoulIsTheGoal on Vimeo.

So the Blog was a week old yesterday. To my surprise, Google Analytics thinks there's been 200 hits. Fantastic if that's the case. Gray had warned me that my own visits would be included, but Portsmouth is way down the list in terms of visits, so thanks very much.

I said I would put a link for @soullsthegoal so you could have a listen to how he got a guitar and learnt how to make it talk.


"You broke my heart....Don't ever take sides against the family again"

The One With Citeh At Wastelands

Hmmmmmmm. What a strange feeling. On paper, this was a HUGE game. Some will still say it is. Fergie included. Surely we've already blown it, though? If we haven't, then I still wont enjoy it as much as I would have. We've been woeful at time, this season. How we are twenty odd points ahead of the chasing pack is something they need to look at.

"The Sum Of All Fears"

The One Where I'm Clutching At Straws

One of two things was meant to happen in May, of this year.

1> We win the Premier League for a record fourth time in a row (sounds crazy even writing that!). We would also become the English team with most League titles.

2> We would reach (and win) our third Champions League Final in a row (again, mental. Its been a good few years!).

Friday, 16 April 2010

"Apollo Creed vs The Italian Stallion. Sounds like a damn monster movie"

The One Where I Kick-Ass

Well, I went to the gym today, much to @fionaflaherty's amusement. @theboycheese and I have fallen on our feet, with it included in a parking deal. Great little gym. Think I might go again. It got me thinking, though... Mike is off to see Kick Ass tonight. How many of those people in the gym were wishing they were superheros? 

Thursday, 15 April 2010

"There can be only one"

The One With Japanese Star Wars Figures

Oh. My. God. I don't want one... I WANT THEM ALL.

"God is an absentee land lord!"

The One With A Bloody Gem


OK, I know I'm a bit post crazy. The idea of the tabs though, is that you can just jump to what you like. Don't like Football, or Manchester United? Probably steer clear of the Football tab, then. This is different to the Blu Ray tab, as it's specifically ones that I have chosen from Love Film. Hopefully the idea is, based on my "Maths as Movie Formula",  it may get you to add it to your list.

"If It bleeds... we can kill it"

The One With Brody

I don't have a lot to say, other than this being my most anticipated movie of the year. The pic above is such a simple idea, but makes me think Rodriguez nailed this. (You cant fool me, he's not steering the ship).

"Hey Raymond, am I using you... Raymond?"

The One Where I Point And Cackle

@kjcollard is in my top three on twitter. But what she has given us here, I fear, could never be repayed. Visit her Blog, its aces.

If the Ledgers did comedy sketches, "this is how they would go down".

*I've been practising the laugh/cackle*

Like a back-to-back Hollywood Blockbuster, heres part three. I cant wait for Part Four. Did you say... "Fidelio"?

"That smile is gonna be the end of me".

"Greed is good"

The One Where Greed Is Good

Sorry, Shelley. But it *is* Derby weekend. And arguably you'll be the happier of the two of us over the season. Just really like these. Especially the first one. Take it as a compliment. Deep down I'm jealous. He *is* ugly though.

"Yes, Yes, Yesssssss!"

The One Where I Orgasm Over A Chopper Gunner

For all you doubters out there, that can't understand why we get so worked up over video games...

Thanks to Toby, on FB. I may have missed this. Its one of my favourite stories ever. Obviously I orgasm every time I call in a Chopper Gunner on MW2, but...

"Never stop fighting, until the fight is done"

The One With Red Tev

I've seldom felt so low about a player leaving my club. The writing seems to be on the wall though. Berbas time is up.

"You Gotta Be 'Effing Kidding Me"

The One Where Robben Breaks My Heart... In Lego Form

Just to show I do have a sense of humour about football...

This has been doing the rounds on twitter. Quite brilliant. And tragic at the same time.

I saw it via @Moyesiah > @james_Corbett

Both well worth a follow

"I don't think Tom's going to do that kick... he doesn't pivot that way"

The One With JMcGs Birthday

I make no apologises for two Tom Cruise "Funnies" in a row. I love him. But in terms of parody, he's right up there. What I've always loved about this, is that *he's* in on the joke. I also think "Dodgeball" is in my top three comedies, but that this is Stillers best ever work.

"Give me back my face!"

The One Where AintItCool.Com Pulled Its Finger Out

Just when you were giving up on AICN... they give us this.

Colour me excited.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

"Butterkist, Butterkist, Raa Raa Raa"

The One Where I First Love, Love Film


So, this is something I thought from the get go, would be a regular thing for me. I took forever to join Love Film. JMcG led the way. I followed. (Baaaaaa).

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

"You're a Jerk"

The One Where KJC Restores My Faith In Comedy

Now I genuinly was going to set up a "Funnies" section. You know, to break up all the film and footy stuff... Then @KJCollard totally stole my thunder. How cool is this? It may never be topped.

Check out her Blog. If she keeps digging up gold like this, she could be one to watch.

"Annie Are You OK? So, Annie Are You OK Are You OK, Annie Annie Are You OK? So, Annie Are You OK Are You OK, Annie Annie Are You OK? So, Annie Are You OK? Are You OK, Annie? Annie Are You OK? So, Annie Are You OK, Are You OK, Annie?"

The One With MJ (R.I.P)

Monday, 12 April 2010

"Step out the front door, like a Ghost into the fog, where no one notices the difference between wrong and right"

The One Where Anna Begins To Toss And Turn

So I realised I haven't mentioned Music yet. With good reason, the Ledgers would say. Up until two years ago, it was Springsteen and Counting Crows. Biffy Clyro, (The Official Ledger band), then steam rollered both of them a bit.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

"Its not the Johnston Paint Trophy, though, is it?" (Try telling him that)

The One Where Pompey Play Up

So I just had a master class from @diaryofaledger (The Tech Team), in Blogging. Cheers mate. There's still a 24/7 hot line, though, yeah? Good to know some of the bits I couldn't do weren't me just being a Spaz. Some were.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

"The Movie industry is totally irresponsible for its depiction of explosions in movies"

The One With Walhberg

One of my fave sites, this one. This isn't as funny as the red band for Step Brothers, but I heart Wahlberg, and McKay + Ferrell = Win. And Michael Keaton?? You wanna get mad? Lets get mad!

"Where did you learn to drive like that?"
"Grand Theft Auto!"

Watch your back El Nino. Not in a gay way.

The One Where I Do A Mexican Wave... On My Own

The goal on 2:30 makes me feel kinda funny. I thought he was a buy for the future, but on the basis of this... he looks pretty special. And there does seem to be a bit of the Torres about him?

So a really quick Football triple bill (...or hat-rick)

The One Where The Wembley Pitch Was Rubbish

I'm totally biased, but are Chelsea rubbish? I just find them really uninspiring. They seem to have that Mourinho mentality back, though. 3-0 flattered them, but they were in 2nd gear. Villa blew it. It was a Pen, though. The problem with teams like Villa, is they seem to wait for moments like that - and like today, they're not always given. On the plus side, it means they may need to rest players toward the end of the season. If they do win the League, how good would it be if Top play Bottom - and bottom win? Hope there's less empty seats, either way. That's the F.A being greedy. Playing the Semis at Wembley is a joke.

"One, Two, Freddy's coming for you..."

The One Where I Believe In Freddy

I can see me sitting in front of the TV, watching "The Pacific", being on the lap top, and sipping cups of tea, (read: "multi-tasking"), being bad news for the Blog.

"Earn this..."

The One Where Speilberg does it again

I had been waiting ages for "The Pacific", Sky+ it, and just hadn't got round to watching it. I wont wait so long, for Monday nights. It has quality stamped all over it. WWII has been covered at length in movies, so there are inevitably cliches all over the place, but its seldom been done this well. If everyone rates something highly, its almost always a turn off for me. When the Americans get hold of "Kick Ass" on April 16th, it will taint it a bit for me when the five star reviews come in. The reviews for this have been universally good, but less so when compared to "Band of Brothers". Thats a good thing for me. Its a strange logic, I know - but I get that feeling already with this.

"Don't look that Bitch in the eyes"

The One Where Clash Admits What It Could Have Been

I'm not sure how this Blog will work. What I'd like to do is put links up, for things I find interesting. In this case, this is something I love. Alternate versions of films. *beware minor spoilers*

Whats interesting for me, is I recently did a review of Clash, on @diaryofaledgers Blog. Pretty much guessing this exact thing. Still loved the film though, well worth a look, even in its current view. Link to my review is below. Enjoy this sunshine.

"The worm has turned, @theboycheese, and is now packing an Uzi". Name the film, thats from, and I promise not to write about MW2 all the time!

The One With MW2 Stats

If you speak to the Ledgers, you will know that my attention span is terrible. I get bored *really* easily.......

... where was I?

I was loving being online with Grand Theft Auto, until the others drifted away from it. I was entranced by Uncharted 2, which is the only single player game I've ever stuck through. I really liked online, but there was another around the corner. Pro Evo still carries a Halo for me, and I've easily had my moneys worth, even if it's not up to par. That game around the corner? Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

As I read this, I've dedicated 6 days, 3 hours and 53 minutes to it. Thats value for money in anyones book. And also a bit sad. I attribute that to two things. 1> I am on a Sunday - Weds rota. Every bit as good as it sounds, and as much gaming time as I like, so long as Ethan Zachary is asleep, and Mrs T is busy. 2> I was lucky enough to get a second PS3 for Christmas. Its tucked away in the bedroom, and Mrs T, patient as ever, let me put our Panasonic 32" on the wall.

I'll presume you know all about MW2, and get to the stats. Because there's something definitely going on with mine.

When I first Prestiged, I had played for 3 days, four hours and thirty minutes. My XP was 574070. I had won 280 games, and lost 333. That gives me a 0.84 ratio, but anyone will tell you, you can be totally powerless in deciding who wins if your paired with a team of mooks.

My Kills were 5633. My Deaths were 6180. Thats a ratio of 0.91.

My Accuracy was 19.55%, with 13204 hits, to 54335. This was the only stat to stand out way above anyone else on my list. It seems to be that if your accuracy is really good on MW2, you're proud of it. And can at least claim to not wasting many shots. If your accuracy is poor, then it doesn't matter. I don't get that. If its not important, don't have it up. Its like saying it doesn't matter how many shots on goal Rooney has, as long as he scores. Hmmm. True. But if you don't shoot, you don't score - so there has to be a balance.

Last night, I prestiged again. Except I won't be hitting the jump button. (I cant believe *you* did, Sarah - after saying you wouldn't... again!)

My total XP is 1239300. I've been on 579 winning teams. I've lost 669 times. My ratio is 0.87, with a streak of 12 wins.

I've killed 12137 men and women. NO Children! (Some animals). I've died 11939 times. Crucially, my ratio is 1.02, and within an hour today, will be 1.03. My kill streak last week went from 14, 15, 15 and then 18 - which I've got three times in a week.

Finally, the really unimportant one. My accuracy is 21.04%. 24205 hits. 90819 misses.

So thats that. I wanted to document this for me, more than anyone. It seems stupid writing it down, when I can jot it here. OK, OK. It seems silly writing it down anywhere!

In the last week, my stats have shot up, though. I'm intrigued to see if its a purple patch, or a change of tide.

"98% of all statistics are made up" - Author unknown/@theboycheese

Friday, 9 April 2010

"Destroy them... All of them"

The One With a Ten Hour Phantom Menace Review

OK. So this is getting on a bit, but I hadn't seen it. (Theres 7 parts). When you're done with that... he just released his review of Attack of the Clones.

"I think someone should just take this City.... and flush it down the toilet"

The One Where I Heart N.Y

So... I've had a little play, whilst sat in the garden with a beer.

I had an awesome background of New York, but am still learning loads about what can/cant fit where. New York is somewhere I've never been, but the movie links mean its my Mecca. There may also be a Spice Girls, 2 become 1 link, too. :-/

"Do you know Stanley?"

The One Where I Wear My Colours On My Sleeve

My week off is drawing to a close, and in true AT style I do something as big as this, on one of the last days. :-/

The idea came around when my beloved football team decided to blow their season in one week. Three defeats in 8 days*

"Flight 2-0-9er, you are cleared for take off"

The One Where It Starts

Hmmmmm. This is... odd.

OK. I've been thinking of doing this for a while. A couple of things have changed very recently.