Saturday, 27 November 2010

The One With A Bit Of Everything...

So a recap on the day...

Daddy Day Care from yesterday. Friday, what to do? A new ball park, (with gas powered Gatling Guns!), and a huge glass wall, overlooking the train station. A good find from my Mum. He bloody loves it.

Saturday? Swimming!

Mrs T went off shopping, so we got in some serious swimming. He loves it. And I love taking him. It's great to get both in on the same weekend.

The fact that McDonalds duplicated our order made it possibly the greatest start to any day. Ever.

Then Prestiging. I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying Black Ops. The fact that I'm unusually good at it helps. I've always been pretty average/OK at COD games, not here. Twenty kills and three or four deaths is what I'm setting out for. My K:D is 1.52, and I want 2.0. I feel like I'm playing like that.

Prestiging means you lose all of your guns etc, but the in game currency means you can buy it all back. I didn't think I'd want to Prestige again... I'm not so sure,  now. My Accuracy, (my one thing I was better at on MW2 than anyone I know), is 21%. And it's going up.

We'll see. It could all be one big 30 hour fluke.

A bit like United. 7-1. Shades of Ipswich and Roma, destroying the opposition. Players like Anderson looking desperate not to be loaned out. Colour me impressed.

I may even lift my Match Of The Day ban, tonight. Even they won't be able to screw that up.

Plus I think I won some money on this one...

File it under "Bets AT can't win", Jambo.


DavieLegend said...

Didn't I have better accuracy than you on MW2? I am much worse at Black Ops than I was at MW2 and I'm not sure why.

@maverick99sback said...

Hmmm.... Did you?

*looks at floor, ceiling, floor, to the side, floor*