Monday, 4 October 2010

The One Where We Barely Voted On Snooker

Well, if it proved anything, it's that if I don't promote the vote, it won't get voted on.

It also proves Film/twitter votes are the way to go if I can expect people to get into it.

It also proves, as I suspected, that Snooker is boring.

Still, there was enough of a vote to declare a winner, and for this vid, you (barely) voted, that Ronnie O'Sullivan was a genius. That he was so in control of his abilities, he could afford a bit of arrogance - because he could back it up on the pitch. Or table. Whatever.

I think personality is a huge part of it. Are they likeable with it?

In terms of sport, allegiance is a huge part, too.

Ask a United fan if George Best was arrogant. You'll probably get a different response from a Liverpool fan. Brian Clough? Same.

The whole way along, this was an excuse to try and promote other examples of sporting genius, laced with arrogance. That grey bit in the middle, where both elements collide? It's a strange emotion, isn't it? You almost love to hate them. Unless they're Cantona.

It's not the goal, it's the celebration. 76,000 cheering his name. And he just stands there. Listen to the commentary too. He was having a bad run of it, yet still tried that chip. He clearly didn't doubt his ability, even in a slump. I hope Nando and, more pertinantly Wazza are reading - the Premier League isn't the same with out them.

I tried to find a Prince Naseem clip, too. One that personified boxing - and how arrogance, and swagger is part of the battle. I think I succeeded.

If there's a better clip to round this off, I couldn't find it. Just brilliant. Never before has sporting genius been better displayed. The lesson? That sometimes arrogance can take over. And you get found out. If that ever happens... pray it's never like this.

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