Friday, 13 August 2010

The One Where I'm Short Changed By The Grin

Knight And Day had me really hopeful.

I love Tom Cruise. I'd never put him in my Top Three, but he's made some classic films. I think he's hugely under appreciated, so far as his acting goes, too.

So Cruise at the cinema, despite the Oprah sofa jumping, is still an event.

So, the trailer for this had me excited.

Cruise proved in Tropic Thunder he can send himself up. He started out with comedy in Risky Business - so why wouldn't it work?Unfortunately, it just falls short.

The whole "Is he head mental?" thing was never really an issue, because he's Tom Cruise.

Part of me wanted them to be really brave and have him be an out and out bad guy - just a lovable one, that Diaz fell in love with.

I have a love/hate thing with Cameron Diaz. Don't worry. We've talked about it, and she's come to terms with it. The problem is as great as she is to look at, I always feel like I'm watching Cameron Diaz. There doesn't seem to be anything else there. I thought she was great in Vanilla Sky, and hoped her and Cruise would get that spark going again. Another problem is that in that film, Diaz is a jilted ex, who turns psycho. She has a character arc. Here? She's just ditzy Cameron Diaz.

Cruise holds up. He seems to be enjoying playing the kooky role, and we know he has form when it comes to blowing things up.

I'm pleased to see M:I4 seems to be progressing, because it's only when he's not around, people realize how much they miss him. (Well, I do).

Look... this is perfectly acceptable as a late summer blockbuster. Loads of things blow up, there are some great one liners ("Everybody stay still, or I kill myself, and then her"), and it's fairly pacey.

I just expected a bit more with the talent involved. Maybe in the sequel?

Come on. Hollywood's nothing if it's not predictable.

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