Friday, 13 August 2010

The One Where Three Become Two (But Are Still Four)

"Gonna Start A Revolution From My Bed"

Today, a Ledger leaves GC and I behind. To start a journey into the unknown. I know JMcG and GC will agree with me that there have been loads of memories, and loads of laughs.

I thought today (Him leaving, not it being Friday 13th) would be a good time to tell you about one of the Ledgers. Especially @DumbWitness.

There are four. We've been likened to Pokemon. But think we're more like Entourage. Or Inbetweeners.

I've known MC for about 4 years. I know this because of King Kong.

Mike is an avid film fan. I remember having a chat with him on the escalator, after we'd both slept through a boring meeting (not on each other). He was telling me about KK, and what he thought about it. Turns out he had gone with this Jon fella...

And that was that. 12 lunch originated. GC joined us. JMcG had already left the Partnership to be a City boy. And that's been the way for 3 odd years.

12 lunch is going to be very, very strange from now on.

Many will try and fill the void, no one will be able too.

We'll always have London, MC. Best of luck for the future. Can I have your office?

But I have a feeling that this will be the catalyst for a lot of change. Maybe GC and I will move away too. But we'll always come back. There's been too much water under the bridge not too.

And the good news? He's back on twitter kids. #FF Mike_Cheese

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