Thursday, 12 August 2010

The One With Changes

OK. So there has been changes.

My fellow Ledgers Blog had a few tweaks, and that normally means I need to look at mine.

I actually did most of it over a few days, but was unsure if I was going to tinker.

Everything is aimed to make the Blog easier to navigate.


Lets start on the left.

There's a big Uncle Sam. A nod to my love of the States, but more importantly, a big neon sign to let you know what this weeks vote is. That vote will be launched Monday, and be written up for the following Monday... with the new one launching, and so on.

The vote post will go up here, too, with Gray and I swapping posts on a Tuesday now, not a Monday.

You, or I, have a list of whose visited the Blog, and what they've read. That's important to me. I'll Blog about whatever is going on in my head, but it definitely gives me a clue as to what people are reading.

In the middle?

Same old, really.

The biggest edition, and to prompt reads of older posts, is a recommendation. It's a bit hit and miss, so I'll see how it goes. But, when it's right, it nails it. I've had a few that have been spot on, i.e writing about United, and linking to Beckham pieces etc.

If you like it, please hit the FB like button. Again, it's there to indicate what people like reading. 25+ likes on the Al v De Niro vote was what prompted that moving up the schedule.

Then, on the right?

The bit I'm proudest of... even though I was informed it's "broken" on the iPhone... I had to apply for this. What it does, for me, is genius. You can slide through, and the pic, is a link to that post.

That is the biggest improvement, no doubt.

It means:

A) I can post as much as I want, knowing it will still ping onto there, with no effort.

B) I got to have a clear up. No more individual pics, and certainly no need to post 10/15 posts on the main page.

You have the Post cloud. In 3-D. That will link to key posts. Want to see Blu ray reviews, skim through, and click on it. It's my ode to 3-D. Which is the future. (I'm playing).

Hopefully that saves @DavieLegends PC from imploding. Cheers for the suggestions, especially Davie, anymore feedback more than welcome. Follow him, and his YouTube site. That boy can sing. And play #MW2. And make love to beautiful, beautiful women.

And please, please, keep the comments going. It's your Blog too. Thanks for reading. I opened up posting a while back. No Google account needed. Just jot it down, and it's there.

Oh! I totally forgot. See that little tiny arrow, bottom right? That there thing scrolls you right back to the top. Cool, eh?


DavieLegend said...

I like this... But I cant link to Facebook in work so can't push that button thing.

Cheers for the shout out Mav, and the site is looking much better too. Keep it up and I will let you kill me a few times on MW2.

@maverick99sback said...

We're on the same side, Davie!

@maverick99sback said...

I've replaced the vids - hope that's OK.

If you want royalties, you can do one!

DavieLegend said...

Haha... That's fine mate. Much appreciated.

We should play again, but do Hardcore so im allowed to shoot you in the head.