Monday, 23 August 2010

The One Where We Wait On Our Song

So the public has voted, and the votes are in...

David Bowie & Space Oddity / 26 / Train & Drops Of Jupiter 16 / Razorlight & Golden Touch 8 /  Jason M'Raz & I'm Yours 5 /  Paolo Nutini & Lovin You 2

I just wanted to say thanks again for everyone that's taken part, voting.

GC informs me, someone with far more followers than me, did one the other week, and got 150 replies.

The difference in our followers is so big, that you would expect the gap to be much, much bigger.

This weeks star was LizaBeckism, who RT it like mad. Give her a follow. She's one of the genuine ones.

So now we wait. You owe us a song, @DavieLegend. Sing the hell out of it.

While we wait for Bowie... Here's DL, in short shorts.

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