Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The One Where Repo Men May Be Better Than Repo Man

I'm one of the few people that saw Repo Men at the cinema.

Today, after a nice surprise (I had credit on my BlockBusters account), I got it on Blu.

Must be good then...?

Well, it's not with out issues.

It's being sold on having "8 minutes extra gore". Er... this isn't Saw.

At it's heart it's got a fairly original premise.

Set in the "near-future" (I love that about sci-fi. I watched Demolition Man recently, and laughed. 1996 was the near future when I saw that in the cinema!), people can replace organs in their bodies... at a cost.

Jude Law (Who I've never really got the hatred thing with), and Forest Whitaker (Oscar Winner! Haha), are the guys that police that service.

I think the first five minutes will tell you if you'll like it, so I'll explain.

Jude is telling us about an experiment. Cat in a box. With poison. The only way to know if the experiment has worked, is to open the box. Because scientifically, the cat could be alive or dead, therefore is both.

So that gets you thinking.

Then, within minutes, Jude takes his first target. And cuts him open. Removing organs. Artificial ones. Graphically. You know... a bit like in those Saw movies.

This film makes me realize how much I love low(ish) budget sci-fi. Jude pops in to see if his boy is asleep. The walls are a deep blue. Then, a shark swims past. It's a hologram, but it's a cool idea. And they do a good job of setting this "near-future" up. Apart from the whole organ replacement thing.

Now, it is gory. But it's comically so - and like it or night, that does make a difference.

Plus the humour helps. When Forest leaves a BBQ to earn some extra cash (read: cut a kidney out of a customer whose not paid in the 96 day limit), Jude adds, "He's gone to get more meat". When his wife sees, and is horrified, he adds, "Oh, come on... It's only a kidney". Forest Whitaker, Oscar winner!, is stood there, clutching a bloody kidney. With a BBQ bib on.

Look, this isn't a purchase for everyone. I would have normally waited, (but for being in credit), but it's surely a Love Film for some of you? Maybe a pick up on sky - who have finally got their act together with release dates. Kick Ass, Prince Of Persia and Robin Hood will all be on demand day of DVD/Blu release.

Keep that up, and I may consider not buying. On the other hand... I do have my Blu catalogue to keep up to date.

If you liked Equilibrium (you haven't seen that either? Jesus...), this should be right up your street. Violent, and a little bit gory, but never unwatchable.

Some will have issue with a few of the twists, but the Blu is good value. You have two versions of the one film, for a start. One including... yep... 8 minutes of extra gore!

I'm tempted to watch it again tonight with Mrs T... but she's making me watch Dear John.

Beware the trailer, as ever, it spoils a bit of what I enjoyed as a surprise first time round.

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