Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The One Where Davie Legend Gives Us Some Bowie

It goes with out saying I prefer this to Bowies version. I don't hate Bowie, but this wouldn't have won if I'd fixed the vote.

There was promise of a hat if Jason Mraz one... so I kind of expected some face paint.

Good job though Davie.

And thanks to everyone who voted.

While listening, go to Davies other videos and have a listen. Hey Ya is class.

Davie also has a Blog, where his film reviews are what I aspire to. Read. Can't wait for his Indy review, and realisation that they "nuked the fridge".

Davie also plays a lot of Modern Warfare, proudly bearing the Clan <LEDG> tag. Although my K:D (Kill/Death Ratio) is better than his now. Fact.


Louise Brill said...

Who IS this Davie Legend!? He's so talented, someone should give him a Recording deal or something x

@maverick99sback said...


If only he had used face paint...

DavieLegend said...

If I ever get a recording deal I will give you all a Blowie...

Oh, you said Bowie.

My bad.