Sunday, 29 August 2010

The One Where We Stroll It Against The Hapless Hammers

Manchester United v West Ham United 3-0

This is what we didn't see enough of last year, for me. Three nil, in second gear, but crucially killing a team off. I thought we looked OK, but you can only beat what's in front of you. It could have been six if we had wanted six. I'd rather take two, a clean sheet, and no injuries though.

The Good
Rooney off the mark - and taking penalties. I saw Rooney miss a pen against Palace a few years back, and never really trusted him since then. But after the Carrick miss last year versus Burnley, and the debacle after that (With Ronaldo gone, we hadn't discussed who would take Pens? That's ridiculous).

Nani missed his last week, too. And I'm more critical that he was allowed to take it, with Berba, Owen and Giggsy on.

Hopefully we've learnt our lesson. Because I think we'll get quite a few Pens this year. We just look a bit more penetrative with our attacks, and Nani and Valencia can trick their way into the box.

Berbatov. Enjoying the best spell since he joined, in my opinion. Clever, creative, and confident. The goal was beautiful. I really think he'll keep this going.

Nani gets a nod here, because as ever, he was frustrating the hell out of me first half. The goal was brilliant, but the ball to Berba is exactly what he's improved in his game. More please.

The Bad
No Valencia or Henandez. Valencia has been poor since he was man Of The Match at the Community Shield, so he needs to buck up. At least he'll be fresh now.

Javier? I thought there was a great chance to take Berba and Rooney off and play Owen and him together. That said, taking Berba off would have been harsh. He was brilliant again.

The Ugly
West Ham. Dire. Too good to go down? (Again?)  Hardly.

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