Thursday, 19 August 2010

The One Where I Put Laura Palmer To Rest

So I decided to finish the rest of Twin Peaks.

Mainly because I started Dexter and Deadwood.

It had sat there on for a while, and I was feeling quite distant to it.

Then... Something happened. Someone died. And turned into a door knob...

There's two types of people in this world. Those that love Lost. And those that don't.

Now, I don't hate Lost, I just think it's overrated.

My main issue with TV is that shows out stay their welcome. I definitely think Season Two of Twin Peaks is dragged out. Series One had Eight episodes, this has Twenty Two. But what it does so, so well, is pull me back in.

After that hiatus, I wasn't sure I could get back into it. Then there was the door knob incident.

The rest of the series just went from strength to strengths for me.

Every time I didn't think it would go there, it did.

When Cooper broke the fourth wall, and I realised Lynch had been in on the joke all along, my heart sang. It was just the perfect moment, after hours of investment. The fact that the moment comes as Cooper is being chased through a maze, by his doppelganger... well, that just sums Twin Peaks up, for me.

Lynch then pulls a master stroke again, in the final scene. He has Cooper actually talk to the audience. What a great send off. The clip below from J.C.V.D got me in a similar way.

I love stuff like that. Love it.

The beauty here was that I didn't know it was coming. To end almost thirty hours like that - I think it's exceptional.

I caught the final episode of Lost for a similar reason. To see how it ended. I thought that was a perfect end shot too, even though I had no investment in the characters.

So what did I think of the Log Lady? Of White Horses, and characters going undercover as Japanese business men? Well, I thought those answers would decide how much I enjoyed Twin Peaks... but the truth is, they're not even relevant.

I've sat with my Mac Book and rinsed this show. In a very, very short time. It's played tricks with how I've viewed day to day items.

I'm sad to have finished it. But I'll revisit it someday. I know that.

IMBD has Twin Peaks at 9.4/10. Not wrong.

I also think Dom was right, that with out Twin Peaks, there wouldn't have been Lost.

So it's given a lot back, no question.

My heart sank when the final episode finished.

I realise that now I'll have to watch Lost. Not before Dexter, Deadwood and any other distractions, though.

Here, Lego helps me make sense of it all.

And in a moment David Lynch would be proud of... Who should answer me, on twitter, but the person who writes the Twin Peaks Blog that got me into it in the first place. Cue Twilight music... Or even better, Twin Peaks'...

You know, aside from JMcG going on, and on, and on... We're watching Salt as this posts. That biy has a lot to answer for!

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