Saturday, 28 August 2010

The One Where West Ham Spoil It #MUFC

Memories against West Ham...

Well, if we're honest, most of them are bad ones.

Andy Cole not being able to score for him on the last day of the season, with us losing the League.

More recently, and still gauling, is the Di Canio goal against Barthez.

Not a league game, granted. But what got me here, was the gamesmanship. Offside or not, play to the whistle. Always. And it was almost like he knew, but played the fool anyway.

He was a class shot stopper, no doubt, but don't think United fans don't kick themselves everyday we didn't get VDS sooner.

I'll post my match thoughts tomorrow.

No prediction. I was really confident about the Fulham game, and ended up crushed.

Two games in, and I've learnt my lesson!

*Top Gun high fives*

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