Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The One Where I Quite Fancy the Alien (Haha. Joke)

Splice is a great little film.

I'm not an out and out horror fan, so was a bit unsure about this.

I was eased in, within minutes when I realised this is not an out and out horror film. That's why I like it.

It reminds me of The Thing, in many ways. It has Science at it's core, and as a result, is elevated above any other creature flick. Think of The Fly, and how Brundle mooches around, talking about the physics of it all. Is it just me, or does that automatically make this sort of thing smarter?

It also has Adrian Brody and Sarah Polley, who I really liked in the Dawn of the Dead remake. They hold the movie together, as a couple, giving counter arguments to the experiments. Asking the sort of questions of each other, that the audience should be asking.

I think Brody is really on a roll at the moment. Predators was all I'd hoped for, after going in with mid-to-low expectations. I totally bought him as an action hero - and was rooting for him to lay Bruce Banner. (After they shafted Norton. God... don't get me started on that).

As it is, he gets to play a scientist here, anyway. And it fits. He is totally believable. The film is ticking along nicely, with them trying to keep everything a secret - seriously. When will scientists learn not to meddle? Then there is a change of pace.

The film really comes alive for me, then. When they get to the barn, and everything is out in the open. I just sat there waiting for it to hit the fan. I hoped for a bit of splatter, (hey, maybe I am a horror fan). And then? Then I literally could not believe they took the story in this direction. And unfortunately, that's where my review needs to stop. No spoilers here. Empire magazine, which most of us probably read, chose one picture with their review. And it ruins everything.

If you like monster movies, or science experiments that go wrong, check it out. This is the sort of film that won't get discovered until word of mouth on DVD/Blu. It's also the sort of movie that I hope that's the case for.

Just pray they leave it be.

I still have fond memories of seeing Saw for the first time. Packed cinema, most people blown away. Then look what happened...

Saw 3-D: The Traps Come Alive.

That's actually the title. Think about that for a while....

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