Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The One With The Missing Vote Post

AL PACINO v ROBERT De NIRO: De NIRO WINS 21 (61%) 13 (39%) 

If I ever had too, and I hope I never do, I'd name De Niro my favourite actor of all time.

The reason?

Well, this time, it's my Mum, and Dad. I think I've documented my Dads influence on my movie viewing here, here, and here.

My Mum loves him, too. And that's crucial.

I remember as a kid watching Midnight Run. Now, to be fair to Mum and Dad, I'm sure they covered my ears over all of the swearing, but what I loved, was that my Mum was watching it. Enthralled.

My Mum and Dad used to rent films, (pre-Blockbuster??). I would sneak downstairs, and try and watch whatever they were watching.

I remember clear as day watching Taxi Driver for the first time. I went round Craig Groves' house before football training. We would watch a film, or part of it, go train, then start off where we left it the following week.

You don't forget a film like that.

De Niro is fearsome in it. Unhinged. I couldn't get my head around the idea of the story. That a Nam vet (they were good guys, right?), would become a vigilante. That he would try and save a teenage prostitute  from her pimp. It was a lot to take in. The ending, far more than "You talkin' to me?", just left me shattered. Shot in the neck, Harvey Keitels hand somewhere in the hallway... Jesus. Welcome to Scorsese.

And I start to struggle now. I have to realise this is why I started a Blog - to write about these memories, and how they made me feel. But how do you write about De Niro and cover all of the iconic moments? All of the intricacies in his movement? The way he plays off other Actors?

I put a clip of the Simpsons... I should have gone with Jumpin Jack Flash, and Mean Streets - and how proud I was when I first bought it on DVD. Knowing I'd gone from a film fan, to film fanatic.

I've recently gone the way of the alphabet with my Blu Rays, (after serious Ledger pressure). Before? Before it was in groups. De Niro had his own group. And it was my favourite collection. Just stunning.

Raging Bull? A punishing, brutal portrayal. Not a boxing movie, but a movie about a flawed human being. It's a towering work from De Niro. He goes nuts, on numerous occasions, several times at his loved ones... it's just heart breaking.

Jesus. I could go on for hours, and I've not even got started.

I pulled this one early, due  to wanting to get a system. If I'd left it for another year, I think you would get the same result.

I remember Dad going to see Casino, and me being sooo jealous - and then Dad told me he watched half of the film through his hands, as it was so violent. Naturally that meant I had to see it. You know, to judge myself. God. He was right. But De Niro is epic in that film.

I've consciously avoided Heat and Goodfellas if I'm honest. They're both in my top five of all time, and I'd find it hard not to eulogise. Oh, and Godfather Part Two.

Christ. This guy has been in some of my favourite films of all time. It's hard not to make this a love letter.

I will write about Al. I love him too. Just not as much. Especially when he's shouting.

De Niro's made some major missteps of late, but who else have lived at the top for that long?

I have to say, I don't go in much for his comedies, but fear a lynching from twitter if I don't add this clip. It seems to have struck a chord. 

Thanks for voting. I genuinely appreciate all the support, and banter.

This will be a Monday post from next monday (16th), with the new vote launched in the top left of the Blog every monday too. This week? We're onto Arnie v Sly v Willis. And due to some serious girl power, that's not going at all like I expected!

Gray and I will swap posts every tuesday now, in case you were worried. Admit it. You were.

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