Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The One Where It's OK To Boo...

OK. So you pay your money... then what?

Do you spend all night booing?

Do you have a right to do that?

England were terrible at the World Cup. Pathetic. The fact that ITV just chose Superman as their song to play over it, had me close to tears.

I'm quite into my football you see. Live it. Breath it. Banter over guitar solos today, started and ended with football.

Saints fans are mourning a Chairman who saved the club. In less than a year, some of them had a connection bigger than what they may have with some of their family.

A lap of dishonour. Probably organised as a chance to show off the trophy we could have won. It now looks like a terrible idea. I shouldn't watch. But I am.

I want to see if they boo them.

I want to see if the players can communicate their apologies somehow, that they should have come out and said a day/week/month after Germany.

If you go and see your favourite band, and they don't play their biggest song... do you have the right to boo?

You probably paid a lot to be there. Or is that their choice? Their song?

Or, do you get behind the team no matter what?

What if you boo, then we win ten nil... what goal do you start to cheer? Forth? Fifth?

Therein lies the problem for me. This whole thing has been terribly dealt with.

Capello has not only be allowed to stay. he's got away with it.

If a car cuts me up, I react.

If a car cuts me up, and apologises for driving like a dick, I'm immediately more OK with the situation.

Capello didn't just cut us up. He rammed us off the road.

Thankfully I'll always have United. They've never let me down. But that idiot that put Ozil's squad page up on ManUtd.Com today should be shot. Unless he signs. Then Ill apologise. So better not shoot him yet.

I'd like to be wrong about Capello, but if this isn't a guy that's lost the dressing room... I don't know what is.

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