Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The One With Another Film I Wouldn't Normally have Bothered With, But Did, But Shouldn't Of

OK, OK. I went to see Last Airbender.

Let's not dwell on it. Don't think less of me. I did it for you. Yeah, you. So you didn't have too!

God, I feel so dirty.

I've got a cinepass, so I only paid £1.50 surplus for the "privilege".

I knew this film was in trouble when it got the Tookey Turkey.

I also knew it was in trouble when I was more interested in tweeting through it.

I love Shyamalan. I think he's made two classics, one very good film, one good film, one OK one, and now two poor ones. The problem is, it's in that order chronologically.

He's lost all grasp on "directing" his actors. Dev Patel spends the whole film SHOUTING, REALLY LOUD!

I'll always defend Shyamalan. He's living on past glories, now though. He needs to sort it out. I kept thanking the lord, at least he was acting in this one. Especially as the saviour of mankind.

The effects are very good, and it's fairly short. The really loud, grazing kids seemed to like it. I worked out it cost the Dad, three rows in front, over £25 to take himself and three kids. Poor bastard.

Mondays vote will be 2-D versus 3-D, in two weeks.

Last Airbender is not 3-D. But it tells you it is. I watched most of it with out my glasses on. That wouldn't have worked, and won't work, when I go to see Avatar: Directors Cut with JMcG Fri 27th...  FFS ...Saturday 28th.

Two favours, please, read @ComedyFishs take on A-Team, tomorrow... and vote, to the left of this post.

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