Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The One Where Nic Cage's Hair Wins!

I went to see Sorcerers Apprentice the other day.

I'm a big kid, you know this, but actually it was in honour of Nic Cage.

This year, although a lot of people haven't noticed, he had two immense performances.

Kick Ass was well documented, but Bad Liutenant... I sometimes think I'm the only one that saw it!

I've always loved witch films. I remember vividly standing at the bottom of Aldershots Woolworths, which overlooked the cinema. Warlock was on. I had to see that movie. And I hadn't even seen that trailer before. Which is possibly the greatest trailer of all time.

A lot of people will say Cage burnt his bridges, and I'd agree with that. But if we just ditched people like this if they had a bad run, honestly, who would we watch?

I don't know about any of you but I don't fancy putting too much faith in the current crop. Spiderman is re-launched with an unknown, and Sony/Marvel just expect my buy in? Er, no. You need to earn that sort of following.

I'll be watching Toby Maguire films long after I'm watching whatshisname.

So I went for Cage. That, and the fact that the trailer looked fairly fun. And despite making me endure Wicker Man, he gave me the greatest scene of the 21st Century. Behold, below.

Whenever I see a trailer that reminds me of The Mummy, (1999), I feel like I have to give it a go.

You know the sort of film. It knows it's limits. It has very little new to say. The acting is never going to win awards. The sort where the two leads banter is going to annoy, as much as engage. The sort of film where you wish they had made it a 15, or 18, so they can swear, and go to strip clubs. (Just me?)

But then...

You know the sort of film. Effects thrown around left, right and centre - but crucially, most of it sticks. Plus it's the sort of film where there are loads of cool bits. Stylized, yes, but cool.

In SA, in the opening scene, there is a robbery, and Sorcereres are firing bolts of lightning around. The set is very small, so it just feels very tight. Cage has wild hair, so my initaial concern that he was going to ham it up, countered the fun.

Half way through, though, it wasn't an issue.

This is the sort of film that has a ginormous Dragon, grow from a little model, wreaking havoc around the City. So whether Cage plays it straight or nor, you realise it won't matter.

Which is sort of my way of saying I ended up liking it regardless of Cage. Well, I am a big kid.

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