Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The One Where Twitter Goes A-List

Twitter has made me proud this week.

Mich Bekmeyer makes me laugh. As she lives in the States, she's up when I'm up (early), and it only seems like yesterday that she started writing a book.

Guess what?

It's only gone and been published.

GC always talks about his love of twitter, especially for the talented people he has met.

That is so true.

With out twitter, I wouldn't have got this, from @McleveyArtist. (Hit the pic to go to his website).

With out twitter, I would never have met another foul mouthed American.

She launched her website this week, too. And it's class. Go look... TAMMY KICKS ASS!.

All in all, I'm a bit proud of this here group. Keep up the good work, kids!


Oh... would this be a good time to pimp out @DavieLegend, too? He's the focus of this weeks Vote. Go to the left and tick one of the five songs you'd like him to cover. Hit the little vote pic and go to his YouTube page. Simples.

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