Thursday, 26 August 2010

The One Where MUFC Believe In Fate

Right. This is this.

Other teams can say what they like, this is the pinnacle of world football.

I realise, a few months away from it now, that the World Cup will never compete for me.

I'm pleased for Spurs. I hope they give Judge a journey that makes him feel the same.

The Champions League. Two of my proudest nights as a United fan. Winning the competition with the last kick of the game.

Attack, Attack, Attack.

United never stop. Never know when they're beaten. I try to make myself believe that's why they're my team. That I see those personality traits in myself.

I never know when to stop. Can never have enough. Never happy with second best, or sloppy standards. All of those make me difficult to live with. I know that.

We were naive last year. We need to learn from that. Bayern knocking us out destroyed me. Far more than a 2-2 will ever do. Far more than watching Chelsea free score their way to the League last year.

So it's the Champions League draw. And I want the toughest group possible. I want Madrid and Ajax.

That's when United are at their best. Against the odds.

It didn't turn out too bad in '98/'99, did it?

And that music? Hans Zimmer himself couldn't top that. United need to enjoy the fact we are there, despite being so mediocre last year. The fact that Liverpool aren't there. That we can close the gap.

Sorry. Couldn't resist. But like Gray said. He's probably only after his autograph, anyway.

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