Sunday, 22 August 2010

The One Where I'm A Geek. Twice.

So, I did two geeky things this week...

One of which you can probably guess, as GC already Blogged about it. He jumps, I jump. Right?

I find the "App" thing funny, as ...

A) He'd known about it for ages, but not known there was a bit of code that made everything so easy.
B) I'd also known about the site, and had got loads of "widgets", (told you it was geeky), but never seen that bit.

It's probably as user friendly as it will ever get on iPhones, or shudder, HTCs.

Nessa had a great point though, reference that weeks Vote not being translated over. (Bonus points for reading though, Nessa. Gold star!)

Hmmm.... I'll get my thinking cap on about a way around that.

The second thing means I owe MC a beer, too.

He had mentioned about putting all of my Blu Rays onto a catalogue programme on the Mac.

So I did.

And it's really cool.

Just like iTunes actually. But with movies. (Which, if we're honest, is more up my street anyway). Plus if the Internet doesn't recognize a Blu Ray, you can scan the barcode!

And the reason for doing this? At present I have over ten Blu Rays added out. Who too? Exactly! You know who you are. And now... so do I.

MC, we'll call your late fees evens for suggesting it. K?


@diaryofaledger said...

I think there's a way to add a poll to the Mobile version. Pretty sure I saw you could add a poll.


The Real Geek. ;)

@maverick99sback said...


TRG may stick.

Do you have a Blu Ray catalogue, too?

And more importantly... do you have any of my Blus??