Sunday, 22 August 2010

The One Where It's Time To Say Goodbye

Time to say goodbye. For almost a year, I've spent my gaming time on two games.

Please note, for optimum effect, please let Will Ferrell sing, whilst you read the article.

One, Pro Evo 2010 was deeply flawed, but still the best single player football around. No question.

The new one, with a link below, is meant to be the best ever. And not just in the, "Hey, this one's brilliant" kind of way.

It's meant to be such a jump, such an evolution, that it's taking it's crown back.

I'm saying goodbye to that one, after a frightening amount of play time. But ultimately because the transfer market is flawed. I have £200M in the bank, Rooney, Torres (I know, I know), and Roni (back!) up front. I wanted Messi. No go. Every single time. So, my end thoughts are frustrating, but for the game play I got from that game... for £25? It puts others to shame.

"There Is Another"

Ah, Modern Warfare 2.

I'm a pretty average CoD player - who on his day, can more than hold his own.

My stats have improved massively. For an average player.

Yesterday, 3/4 Ledgers went to war in the morning and I was a shambles. SHAMBLES. 3 kills, maybe 10 deaths, every fricking game. Over and over, and over again.

How MC and GC didn't laugh, I'll never know*

Then... in the afternoon, I got 26 kills in a row. My previous best being 18, over and over, like a mental barrier I couldn't overcome.

It went to 22 with GC the other day. Then this.


2/4 Ledgers are "threatening" not to get the new one.

For me, it's a no brainer.

It's time to say goodbye.

That and I really like the idea of a remote control bomb.

ps. Is Step Brothers the most underrated comedy of all time?

*Actually, they probably did laugh.

EDITED: With a video just for GC, who still isn't playing ball.


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The three-month long 'goodbye' should be fun :D

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