Sunday, 22 August 2010

The One Where A Draw Isn't A Defeat - Remember That

Fulham v Manchester United. 2-2

On twitter I've come up with a strategy.

Half of my friends list is people I like talking too. Films. Music. TV. *coughs-Blogs-coughs*, that sort of thing. The other, is now Manchester United fans.

Today, something very cool happened. During the Fulham game, my timeline was all about United. From a United point of view. It worked brilliantly.

You had your "typical" United fan, who thought the world was against them. How Vida and Johnny Evans were rubbish, even though Smalling and Rio weren't worthy replacements.

You had your, "It's a disaster. We drew at Cravebn Cottage. The season is over. Fergie out. Plus the stubborn bastard still isn't speaking to the BBC.

(On that note, if anyone ever publicly slagged Ethan off, the very least they would get is me ignoring them - so get some perspective on that one, OK?)

Then you had me.

The Good:
I really enjoyed the game. It was frantic, end of the season stuff.
We looked like we could score at will today, and that's without Rooney.
Nani, despite the pen, was positive. I wish in hindsight we had been braver and played Toni and Nani from the start... but totally get why we didn't.
Berba looked class. He was wasteful upfront, but there was real effort today. Even as Berbas biggest fan, after the 3 games he's had, even I admit I'm far more confident he'll actually do something.
Scholes' goal was fantastic.

The Bad:
I was a little disappointed in Hernandez. I thought he held the ball up well.
No matter how I dress it up, 2-1 up with six minutes to go, and missing a pen, is not good enough.

The Ugly:
Bit dodgy at the back, but O'Shea ain't a RB, and when Rios back, all will be well.

At the end? I was actually quite positive.

The facts are... On our second game last season, we lost at Burnley. We missed a pen then, too.

Last season, we lost 3-0 at Fulham, albeit with a patched up team.

The season before that, it was 2-0.


However you wrap things up, (And yes, score the pen, and it had to be all over), we are still 1 point better off than last season - and crucially, playing 100% better.

So, all in? Happy. It's not 6-0, granted. But we weren't playing Blackpool or Stoke. And in two weeks, we'll be able to say 2 of the grounds we lost at last season are out of the way. (3 if you include Burnley).

Now... pray silence please, for the Ginger Ninja.

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