Saturday, 7 August 2010

The One Where I Give You A History Lesson (AT Style)

"In 1908 Manchester United (the First Division champions) and Queens Park Rangers (the Southern League champions) contested what is regarded as the first official Charity Shield. The match was drawn 1-1, so the game was replayed with United winning 4-0. The competition was preceded by the Sheriff of London (Dewar) Charity Shield, which saw the best professional and best amateur team come together and since 2002, the competition has been known as the Community Shield."

- Taken from Independant 2009.

OK, OK... not strictly a "United Memory"... for me, anyway. But I think two things about that quote.

One, we were first again. 

Two, Were there cowboys and Indians watching?

I'm joking, but I really struggle with dates in the early 1900s... The world as we know it was starting to boom. 

New York, 1885

New York, 1908

It makes you realise how far football has moved on. 

United played on Wednesday in a friendly, not against R.O.I (GC), in the opening of a new stadium. 50,000 capacity. That's on a par with Liverpool.

The game is a phenomenon. South Africa proved that, if nothing else.

It's the equivalent of Gladiators going into the arena. Our players are Heroes... possible legends. We adore them. Follow them. 

That's what Rooney forgot when he was pictured smoking. I'm not explaining to Ethan why it's OK for his idol to do that, but not him. I want him to focus on trying to do somersault throw ins, and becoming a hero, too.

The season starts on Sunday. I'm excited.

Bring. It. On.

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