Saturday, 14 August 2010

The One Where I Finally Catch Centurion


I heart Neil Marshall. But is love enough?

When I first saw Dog Soldiers, I applauded the effort. I have issues with what I call frat pack comedy, so toilet gags, that sort of thing, but here I forgave it.

Descent shook me up. Properly. It was also the last time I was stupid enough to buy a DVD on ebay I knew couldn't be legit. It's a great, great film - that I'll write about one day, as it is a fascinating example, of changing an ending to suit audiences.

Doomsday? Well, it's a homage to John Carpenter, so that was always going to be enough for me. It's crazy violent, makes no sense, but is a great friday night watch, with your brain in neutral.

So, I've always had a soft spot for Neil Marshall.

I was in love with Centurion from the moment the title cards were 3-D, just hanging above some gorgeous sceneary. I love that sort of thing. Fincher did it with Panic Room, and it just exudes imagination.

The opening battle that follows gets everything right that 13th Warrior and Path Finder messed up. It;s messy. Violent. Gory. You're not being pandered too. This is old school violence, albeit with some CGI blood. Why? Just why?

Michael Fassbender is the next big thing, apparently. I finally saw Eden Lake too, and want to recommend it, but can't. It's grizzly. Really, really violent. It freaked me out. If you saw Them, or Harry Brown, and liked them, check it out. It's very good. But, as I say, shook me up. It's the only reason i didn't review it initially. That, and I thought I'd missed the boat, as it's a few years old. Maybe one for the Retro-Perspective section, which I've neglected of late.

You know what you're getting with Centurion. It's sword and sandals, with added blood lust.

It's the sort of thing Love Film was made for. Not a purchase for me, although £6.99 in a few months from HMV would be a done deal.

The acting is strong, I liked the score, loved the scenary. Love the fact that NM doesn't hold back - if a limb gets cut off, it stays off.

In short, I still love Marshall. I just hope he doesn't go the way of P.W Anderson. He deserves a bigger studio film, just please don't make it be a Resident Evil or Saw installment!

So what if it pinches bits from Gladiator... the end creates are in floaty 3-D, too!

If you like the looks of it, check these out:

Let me know if you do, below.

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