Sunday, 5 September 2010

The One Where You Can't Forgive Rooney That, If True

Look, if Wayne Rooney cheated on his wife full stop I'd be disgusted.

If he cheated on her while she was pregnant I'd be mortified.

If he carried that on for four months... well, it's hardly a drunken mistake, is it?

Two things spring to mind, for me.

One, I'm incredibly naive to believe my Heros would act the way I want them to act. The way I would act.

Two, Sometimes, nothing surprises me.

£1200 on a prostitute? That could get me a Season ticket, and maybe another (Dad and ET could share).

This isn't about money, but seems to be another insight into the modern day footballer.

If it's true, cheers Wayne. Way to create a role model for me and my son.

If it's untrue... why not deny it, and sue for every penny? And rid the world of a couple of tabloid trash papers while you're at it.

I love Wayne Rooney more than I have any right too. But no one has a right to do that to their wife... or more importantly, my beloved club.

I'm starting to know how Dad felt idolising George Best. And I don't like it.

Stop shagging around and more of this please...

Still. Atleast I didn't buy an England shirt with his name and number on, eh?

Oh, for fucks sake.

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moviegrrl said...

While I have *no sympathy* for Roo if this is true, I am appalled at the press for breaking this story before a Euro 2012 qualifier. To then follow it up with articles about whether Roo will be focussed for the game, smacks of rank hypocrisy.
As for Roo himself, seriously dude, just buy yourself a Fleshlight and have done with it...