Sunday, 5 September 2010

The One Where I Sort Of Want Guns N Roses To Play IoW

I don't know why, (because turning up late to your own gig is a dumb thing to do - I get pissed off if they're on time!) - but I really want to see Guns N Roses at the IoW Festival next year.

I know there would be a risk they wouldn't turn up. Or not finish the set.

I totally get it's not the "real" band.

I can't really justify it at all if I'm honest.

I just think they've done enough sing a long tunes to justify The Ledgers© dancing around like mentalists.

Plus I do a mean air guitar to November Rain.

Just me?

How do you want to see at a Festival next year?

And more importantly... will you be joining The Ledgers© at IoW 2011?

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