Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The One Where Fantastic Mr Fox Blows Me Away



We need a happier day on the Blog today, after a Killer Inside Me/Teeth double bill on Thursday.

Oh, and after making my Dad nascious with the 30 second clip from Machete.

So... is Fantastic Mr Fox the film to bring a smile to all our lil faces...?

God yes.

I bloody loved it.

It may have been because,

1) I had a lie in.
2) ET woke me up, like it was Xmas, saying "Fantastic Fox, Daddy".
3) I just flat out love everything Wes Anderson and George Clooney have done.

Maybe it's all three. Either way, see this film.

Mrs T was trying to do some school work, and got suckered in. I think it's the sort of film that will do that. You'll know two minutes in whether it's your thing.

Its stop motion for a start. I HATE stop motion. I hate all of those ones with Chickens and Wallace whatever he's called. Always have.

This? This is different. It's still very much grounded in life. Or atleast what I like to think of as life. Watching the fascinating "Making Of", you see the detail Anderson put in. The china set that the Foxes use, is hand painted, from a set Anderson saw, and loved, while in New York.

We took ET to the park after seeing it, and as I looked at the surrounding trees and woods, I imagined little stop motion foxes running around. Talking like George Clooney.

I know, I know. I just said that out loud.

Do you know what? I'm OK with it.

I think it's a perfect film - and with the double bill I also had yesterday, sans Mrs T and ET, it may have saved me.

Charming, funny, poignant - for kids and adults.

Just perfect.

Oh, and if you're still not sold, the "adult" animals say cuss in place of swear words. Cue "What the cuss is he doing?", and mine, (And soon to be GCs fave)...

"This is a real cluster-cuss of an idea!"

A purchase for sure. Along with my other fave... which is runs closer than I would've ever hoped.

And so, movies by numbers...

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