Friday, 10 September 2010

The One Where Rooney Needs To Grow Up, Or Go

Well, the good news is...

Even though Rooney is "allegedly" a cheating scumbag (tonights quotes suggest otherwise, mind), who would rather be with a £1200 escort (not a prozzie... there's a difference), it hasn't affected his game.

Friday versus Bulgaria, Tues versus Switzerland. Easily the best he's played for England in a year, yes?

So what next?

Well next, United go to Everton. We were thumped there 3-1 last year. Not even close. Rooney was completely ineffective, and it was "one of those games".

The year before?

There we won 1-0. But crucially, Rooney was subbed after a yellow card, and an ill advised kiss of the badge.

Everton fans don't like their once favourite son you see. Although we paid something like £30M for him, (what did they do with that, by the way??), they wanted him to stay.

Rooney fell out with Moyes too.

So. You're Sir Alex. Your focus is always to keep United in the headlines for the right reasons, (Bye bye Stam/Becks/Keane).

Do you

a) Drop him.
b) Put him on the bench.
c) Risk playing him.
d) Tell him to score a hat rick and kiss the badge

I'm going for...

e) Say he picked up a knock midweek. Start Owen and Berba.

In terms of a result?

We don't do great after Internationals.

This has echoes of Fulham away, (last year 3-0 defeat). So personally, I think a draw. Everyone will say it's a disaster and forget that after four games we're better off than last season, and drew two games we lost.

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