Saturday, 11 September 2010

The One Where I Remember When

If anyone wants to know what 9/11 means to me, listen to The Rising.

9/11 hit me hard.

We had literally booked to go the States as a Family, on September 11th 2002.

Then, that.

Nothing was certain.

It was bizarre. I was working with Mrs T at the time. I remember hearing at work, and getting back home to see my Dad watching on the news.

Just complete uncertainty.

Something unthinkable made thinkable sure. But in a way where you would look over your shoulder to see if a plane was there. You just don't think of flying a plane into a building.

So, knowing that we would fly out on the Anniversary just had an affect on me.

I honestly expected something to happen again. Something to mark the occasion.

Thankfully it didn't. But 9/11 stuck with me.

For years I kept looking at the clock and it was 9:11 - or at least it felt like that. Again, I'd worry something would happen. A few years later, Ethan was born. Weight? 9lbs 11. I guess it was a sign after all.

Instead what we got in 2002 was The Rising.

The return of Springsteen, and for me, the start of a journey.

In typical AT style that journey started backwards. With The Rising, then all the way back to Born To Run and beyond.

As a result, The Rising is my favourite Springsteen album.

Just the right balance of anger and bitterness towards what had happened - to the Government for letting it happen.

It's a towering record.

But it's the little moments for me. "You're Missing", can make me cry. A song about day-to-day life for a family who lost their Dad/Husband. Inspired by Springsteen visiting survivors, and the bereaved after the events.

Then, there's the joyous. "Marys Place" is toe tappingly catchy. And you think... hang on... isn't this album about 9/11? Well, that's exactly what it's about. About the need to move on, as soon as possible. To not be beaten by this.

Springsteen can do that better than anyone.

There's a strong rumour that the day after 9/11, someone pulled up to Springsteen at traffic lights.

"We need you now", a stranger said.

And that inspired Springsteen to come back. To help heal. To try and make sense of his "City Of Ruins".

I'm glad he did.

Because everyday we need to remember.

I could pick any video. "The Fuse" gets the nod because it's on the closing credits of 25th Hour. My favourite Ed Norton film. my favourite Spike Lee film. My favourite 9/11 film. And my favourite film of the last ten years.

"Red sheets snappin' on the line
With this ring will you be mine"

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