Saturday, 11 September 2010

The One Where #MUFC Throw It Away

Everton v Manchester United 3-3


It's pretty simple.

Drawing 3-3 with Everton Away, is a better draw than drawing 1-1 at Home with Blackburn.


So why doesn't it feel like that...?

Right, for a start. it's classic Fergie. Last night he implied it was all good. Rooney looks like he's denying atleast part of the story. So things were looking up. Then...

Then, with the Sky cameras on the bus... no Wayne.

I'm a bit surprised. For someone so good at taking the pressure and press off our boys... well, it was a bit of an odd move.

"It's 11.54am, and looksee here at what's on the PA wires. "Wayne Rooney 
is slumped on his sofa at home, wearing a string vest, smoking tabs and eating egg and chips, runny yolk and salty tears dripping through the gaps in his simmet
 has not been named in the Manchester United squad for today's Barclays Premier League fixture at Everton."" - From The Guardian. A "proper" paper.

My thoughts on the game? Well, Everton were all over us for the first ten. When Sheasey has a twenty yard volley off the post, you know it's going to be a weird day.

Next thing, we're 3-1 up, without doing much more than keeping the ball better.

Defence def looks dodgy away from home, though. Five conceded in two games. Welcome back, Rio.

Then, in injury time. Well... we topped the Fulham cock up.

I called a draw last night, (ffs), but heres the thing. Some draws are better than others. Everton will feel like they won. Us? We feel like we lost. We didn't. We did last year ofcourse. So, you could argue that's a point gained. Maybe if a win was only worth two points. Bit before my time that.

I'm not heart broken. We let ourselves down. We threw away two points. Thats four plus the Fulham debacle. So we're adrift already.

BUT. We lost to Fulham and Everton last year. We look like scoring every time we go forward. Berba looks class. Fergie will tear them apart for that. Rooney, more than ever, owes us big time.

And him being missing had nothing to do with losing. To say that is incredible. He played last year. We lost. Plus, what would he have done to stop the goals? Exactly.

I expect to beat Rangers. Come out of it unscathed I can't think of a better game for us to put this right than Liverpool at home. I can see us destroying them.

Oh, and fair play twitter. The reactions said everything I was feeling. Then... a bit later... when the dust settled... it made me laugh. Just when I didn't think I could laugh anymore.

Oh well... I'm not sure I could feel much worse than when I woke up last Sunday.

Can't see Everton being on last tonight... can you?

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