Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The One With Shyamalans Devil

M. Night Shyamalan the director is dead...

Long live M. Night Shyamalan the writer??

The Night Chronicles.

The idea is stories Shyamalan has written, directed but other people. Presumably due to lack of time ob his part - maybe he's busy apologising to everyone over Last Airbender? *shudder*

Devil starts really well.

A city scape. Upside down. The whole time, the credits come up. Then, we go inside a building, into a lift shaft, and we end up the right way up. Me likey.

What's great about it, is that it's not like anything I've ever seen. So immediately it's more original than half of what I've seen in the past two/three months - is it me, or did Inception dry all of the originality in Hollywood up. Was there any left...??

Well the idea here is original too.

A lift, with five strangers - who may have a link. One of them is the Devil.

So does it live up to that idea?

Well, the main problem with idea films, is that they don't always live up to second viewing.

You know how it plays out, like all films, but is there enough to draw you back.

Here? No.

It's maybe a Love Film, so I can scare Mrs T - although another misstep is to have all the scary bits in pitch black. You see little, but here lots. That's kind of the point - I get that. But it must also be a ratings decision. The older I get, the more that annoys me.

What I'd really like to see is a remake from the Saw guys. Add a bit of blood. Make it nasty.

Oh... Saw.

I can't not mention it. Half of the film is spent with a cop on the outside of the lift, investigating. I wonder if he's linked in somehow, too?

The main problem? Some of his investigating is more interesting than what is happening inside the lift.

The other problem? There's a twist. And I love twists, but...

It needs to be a better twist than I can think in my own head. See JMcG and I tag team Last Exorcism.

So, it's OK. I didn't hate it. It's better than all of the Saws but the first one.

Is it better than these two, though?

Not even close.

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