Thursday, 30 September 2010

The One Where The Town Is The One

"I'm Leaving This Whole Town In My Rear View"


Do I just tell her how I feel? Just jump right in there? I mean, I know how I feel. I've felt like this before.

Yeah. Hard to believe. But there's been others.

Inception was love at first site.

Scott Pilgrim was perfect.

But this time... This time... This time I think it may last.

This time. I think I've found the one.

Lets not pretend I didn't build this up in my tiny head.

I was all over when JMcG and I first saw the trailer - I just knew it was a film made by film fans, for film fans.

A bit like the way Pilgrim was made for geeks, here, Affleck basically writes a love letter to crime movies. And crucially, to Heat.

I won't dwell on that too much, but Heat is my favourite movie. I love it. It's untouchable.

Yet here is a two time Directors nudging Michael Mann, saying, "Hey, thanks for the memories, and that... but... I'm going to pretty much remake your film, and make it an hour shorter, too."

The Town is immense.

Absolutely brilliant. Not in a city bending over itself sort of way. Not in a, "Haha. Pee meter", kind of way. Just in a flat out, great film making sort of way.

GC reviewed it here, and as ever, is far better at giving you an idea of what to expect.

He said a couple of things that were right on.

One is that MC called it on the way out. If this film was made by Scorcese? Oscars.

Two is that it won't get seen.

People won't bother. But they should. Much more so than Vampire Sucks, which made it's budget back over it's opening weekend Stateside.

Then again... the thought of this film not being seen?

Being seen in ten years after I've won another Ledger, and there's no boxing on?

The idea of it being my film. A film I'll defend until my last breath, and talk passionately about forever?

Well that floats my boat too.

I was going to write this as a love letter. But thought better of it. Ah, you know what? Fuck it.

Dear Ben Affleck,

I always knew you had this in you. I felt embarrassed when Hollywood lambasted you just because you were nailing J-Lo. Have they forgotten Chasing Amy, Kevin Smiths second best film? I cry all the time at Armageddon, too. I... I... I think I love you. Thanks for the film. I'll sleep with the Blu Ray.

Lots of love.


p.s Is Daredevil the most underrated superhero movie, like, ever?

Don't even get me started about the potential for a Directors Cut on this one. And there will be one. It's lean at two hours. They could easily pad this out for another 30, with more of the FBI for GC. More hot ass chicks for MC. And more "mad monkey masks" for JMcG. They were skeletons.

Cheers for reading. If you're on the App, get your ass onto the site. Vote on the O'Sullivan thing, then look at all of these pictures you're missing. It's only the verdict on The Town by my fellow Ledgers.

GC gives his slant...

MC chips in...

Then JMcG wouldn't shut up about it, too... Remember him?

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