Friday, 1 October 2010

The One With The Hole In 3D

OK, so I cheated on Ben Affleck within 24 hours, with another hero of mine.

I sort of felt bad, but the thing is, I was drunk, and confused and that.

I really liked The Hole. I didn't love it, though. I think it was a classic case of just not taking the idea far enough for me.

It's editing is pretty choppy too - with numerous scenes cut, to speed things up. It's what I like to call "Home & Away Editing". There were characters answering questions that hadn't been asked - as the previous scene was left just before the question was due. It works OK, but just adds to the feel that it's all very rush rush.

I suppose, looking back, I really liked that they only go in the hole for 10 minutes or so - but by then, I'd been desperate for them to just jump in.

They have a bottomless pit in their new basement you see. Evil things seem to come out of it. So with the addition of 3D, I guess I just expected more.

That's all the negativity you'll get from me, though. What this is, is a "kids film" every bit as dark Gremlins.

Essentially what comes out of the hole is your darkest fear.

So, how about the freakiest clown you've ever seen? You know, the sort that appears in your bed. Or jumps on your back, trying to bite you? Done.

How about a girl who has one shoe on, one shoe off, so she shuffles around. She looks a bit like Reagan after her pea soup incident, too. Oh, and her eyes bleed. Done. Just don't get locked in the ladies with her, eh. During a power cut. Oh...

Finally, as a theme for a "kids film", how about an abusive Father who follows you from house to house? He has a belt that weighs a tonne. He wants to hit you with it. Done.

Add those elements in, and there's a lot to love about The Hole. Joe Dante has made loads of great, under appreciated films. The tone of this one, and the fact it doesn't push itself that extra furlong, means it may be this years Small Soldiers for me. Solid, well made. Just about suitable for the family. But ahead of the curve, and out of your comfort zone.

Don't see it at night though... right, MG??

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