Friday, 1 October 2010

The One With FIFA 2011

"On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero." 

This isn't humble pie, OK?

That would be next week, if PES 2011 (never called it that until this year. That's them damn twitter hashtags...) isn't what I think it will be.

And I still think it will be what I think it will be.

It's just after a day, and a full season on FIFA 2011, the gap that was suggested on the demo just isn't there.

It's a great game. Superb actually.

"I felt like putting a bullet between the eyes of every Panda that wouldn't screw to save its species. I wanted to open the dump valves on oil tankers and smother all the French beaches I'd never see. I wanted to breathe smoke." 

I remember playing FIFA 2010 all day with GC, on the day of it's release. Two player was never in question.

Single player, through the course of a season, it was so unrewarding it was untrue. I'll never forget winning the league, and the players standing at the floor, looking at the trophy... which wasn't there. So far as bugs and glitches go... well, after 50 odd games... that's the equivalent of a swift kick to the balls.

This time round? I won the league. (Thanks). And I won it at Anfield. Totally different experience. Not Masters League style achievement, but better.

Through the course of that season I punched the air three times when I scored.

Once because I sent the keeper the wrong way with a volley. I'm not sure I've seen that done before.

Once because it was against City - unfortunately in a 4-3 win. Bit unrealistic, that.

Once because Rooney scored in front of the Kop, in that last game. And it felt like it.

It's worth noting all of these were pretty great solo goals. I would say in 50+ games I'm yet to score a true United goal. 20 passes, then a killer through ball. All of it is way too easy through the middle. The new Pro Evo won't let you do that. Nani and Valencia (Welcome back, Toni), are on the wing, then just cut in. I rarely, if ever, went down to the by line, unless I'd over run the ball.

That was my biggest bug bear actually. I played JMcG at the Pro Evo Demo t'other night. He kicked it passed my defender, then ran onto it, into the space. No chance on this. 360 degrees, yes. On rails, still? Yes, also. You couldn't do that on here. It's where the flick of the right stick for an (extra) boost becomes fatally flawed. It's fine in possession, but doesn't work with out the ball - ironically the area Pro Evo has improved most. Defending on Pro Evo is meant to be an art. People will lose their patience with it. Here? Just hold down both close down buttons. 9/10 times, you'll get the ball.

Tactics and all that are still way, way off Pro Evo, too. (That's better). But crucially, Rooney felt like Rooney. So much so, that after being injured for 3 months, (it's pretty unforgiving), he changed the team on his return. Giving United pace, and an outlet.

A missed opportunity is that  I couldn't say the same about the teams I played. Gerrard maybe. But Nando? Bent? They could have been anyone. Even Tevez wasn't the pit bull pain in the ass I hoped he would be.

Also worth noting is that I still reverted to letting the computer play out a few games. I never do that on Pro Evo. Thankfully it's been improved here, playing out like an 8-bit Championship Manager.

One bit I did hate, (TFFT... I hated something)... was the merging of their version of Be A Legend (Copy cats!), into the Management Mode. Creating myself was meh. Having to have myself in the team? Well that's atrocious. I can barely get in the John Lewis team. That whole element of realism almost undoes all the hard work. (Having Maverick and 99 on the shirt was sweet, though.)

So that's that. I have it until next Friday (What... you didn't think I'd buy iy, did you?). I'm off all day Tues. That will be huge. Playing another season. Europe. Unlicensed. (Snigger). I'm intrigued to see how transfers play out. They are apparently improved on Pro Evo. TFFT. they were terrible in 2010.

Am I itching to play? Not quite. But I've not gone back to a FIFA League season since 1999, so it's a start.

"I am Jack's raging bile duct."

The front menu is class. Pretty hard to top. I loved the calender too, (Finally EA tap into their other sports games. NHL has had this for years. A massive shame they don't have the badges on the game day. I didn't know I had Liverpool last game, until last time.

Again, the menus are immense. I had to laugh that despite the pics, and there's loads, half of them are old shirts. And they had to take the sponsors off, as they don't have the license.

Cheers Anfield. You've been a great host. 19!

And to finish? One for GC. Diving in front of the Kop. :-D


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Mo Howlader said...

what you need to sir Maverick is play on highest difficult (unlock legendary mode).

Also I have scored goals in FIFA 2010 where I have passed from back to front and scored that United goal you speak of.

I will not lie though and found that on FIFA 10 (I have never really played pro evo) that sometimes you could replace star players with anyone.

You talk about custom tactics...but I always adjust tactics to my style of player...even changing player work rates and base positions. I also edit the attacking and defending elements of my team and even re-adjust the d-pad to have changes to tactics in game.

Can you do this on Pro Evo? This is not a jibe but an honest query.

The beauty of FIFA for me has always been three things...

1) TO win every league in one manager career (To my knowledge something you cant do in ProEvo I think)

2) TO develop a half star team into a top team and win the champions league with them. Something I have done with Bournemouth and Aldershot. Beat Real Madrid in the final of the Champions League after back to back promotions and cup wins....all in legendary mode.

3) to develop young players from the academy and blend them into the squad.

In the old FIFA 07, you could scout for legendary players in the academy. So it would be some dutch player...but when he takes the field he is actually the retired Edgar Davids. I miss that feature

Each to their own and the more decent footy games the better

@maverick99sback said...

I rented it. And can't see anyway I'll need to buy it.
Hang in there, little buddy.

Point 1) You can;t change team in ML, on Pro Evo. I'd like it as an option... but would I ever leave United? No. If I did... well, I'd buy Evra, Vida, Rooney... you get the idea.

Point 2) is *exactly* what I don't want in a Footy game. Aldershot versus Real Madrid? I get the challenge, but it undoes all realism. I liked the Managers mode today, but for difficulty, they should have cut your budget. Instead, through the difficulty levels, there is the difference of £1M, or there abouts.

Point 3) You can do in Pro Evo. You have a reserve team, which I never touch, tbf.