Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The One Where #MUFC Got What They deserved. Nothing.

My God. What an awful first half.

Bless Ally McCoist and Walter Smith (he got us Rooney, don't forget).

They looked so happy sat there. Level with a Carling Cup team.

And why not?

Boring or not, United hadn't done enough.

Then, as the analysis finished - Biffy kicked in. Second half couldn't be as bad. Could it...


The result, yeah. But Valencia also. Gutted. That's 3/4 months off.

Second half? Bit more zip. bit more tempo. But no cutting edge.

Then, after 75 mins, we've only had 2 shots on targets.

On 85 we get our first corner.


So people question Fergies eleven.

With Liverpool here Sunday, I can see the logic. But I don't care if you're a psychic, you would never have predicted that starting team. So yeah, he ballsed up.

Will it cost us the Group?

The way we've played in the last two games? I'm not as confident as I should be.

Owen got 20 mins, but deserves more. Park finally hauled off. I'm normally a big fan, but he wasn't good enough tonight. And he was a senior player in the that team.

Who did we miss? Berba.

Sorry about the negativity. The line up surprised me. Again, twitter got it well before Sky/BBC. I love that SAF can still do that. but in hindsight, it did the game no favours at all.

Nice to see Rio and Wayne back though.

I called Dad before hand to see if he was watching. He said he was struggling to stay awake. I didn't know he was psychic.

Now... just imagine it was a Premiership of FA Cup tie...

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