Monday, 8 November 2010

The One Where It's Tight At The Top

Alien 16 (6 from the App) v Aliens 17 (8 from the App) v Alien 3 1 (1 from the App) v Ressur.....

So. Alien versus Aliens.

Obviously you have to have 3 and 4 in there too.

Just in case.

And Alien 3 got a few votes.

What this proves is two things.

One, nothing is a given.

Two, like me, maybe others are starting to appreciate Alien more, too. It's ageing magnificently.

Three - People still won't admit to liking Alien 3. Even my Dad. Who accused me of going "gaga" over it.

The prequels (two movies), planned by Ridley Scott have hit stumbling blocks. Some of the plot elements sound a bit mental to me. But I'd rather have that than nothing.

Fox need to sort this out. There is definitely room for another Alien movie.

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