Thursday, 9 September 2010

The One Where JMcG And I Tag Team The Last Exorcism

God damn you Eli Roth.

First you get to be on the panel of a wet t-shirt competition, in this.

Then, then, you stamp your mark all over this clever little thriller.

Don't hit the jump if you can't take spoilers. It's one of those that's impossible to justify my reaction too, without spoilers...

I'll be honest. I can't remember a film like it. Where everything before it is crushed by a few decisions late on.

Listen to the Boo, if you don't mind spoilers.

If not, I totally recommend going to see this. Just leave before the last five minutes. The acting is universally excellent. The effects solid. The tension just right. The story engrossing. The lack of gore refreshing. It's intelligent. You can't say that often enough with horror films.

A few things of note before you listen to JMcG and I straight after we left the cinema,

1> I had already read up on the ending.
2> I loved everything right up until the last thirty seconds.


We actually carried on chatting for twenty minutes. I'm gutted we didn't record that, but I think you get the gist of where we were coming from.

So, a Tag Team score...

JMcG **/5 (**** with out the ending)
AT ***/5
Tag Team *****/10


moviegrrl said...


That ending pissed me off no end. I understand the "why" but thought it was so unnecessary. Much better to leave it as it all being Nell having some kind of psychotic break.


Stupid Americans.

Also - the symbols daubed round the house - MADE NO SENSE TO HAVE THEM, when everything else takes place in the yard.

Boooo. I say. Boooo.

Having said that, I think for the most part it is still a fantastic, intelligent film, with stunning performances from Fabien and Bell :D

@maverick99sback said...

Totally agree.

I actually didn't mind the Rosmarys Baby thing.

The main reason it pissed me off was how goofy the brother looked.

With that plaster he just looked simple.

It was Hostel 2 all over again. It flat out ruined a lot of went before.

So much so that I'll may not rent it, let alone buy it - which is a shame. Nell and Cotton were fantastic.

End it with the camera falling, as they are being chased... and his head rolling into view.

Or with them cradling the baby.

Or... or... or...