Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The One Where I Get Halo At Midnight

First impressions, after a few plays... you know at 1:15AM

First game was a veritable nightmare.

I'm not even kidding. My darling son had been faffing with the 360 remotes, so I had to dig out the cable.

Then, second game, I remembered what made me OK at Halo 3. The Melee attack. It's so well done. Real violent thumps.

Then my stats started getting better.

That was down to the fact I realised how to sprint! I know, I know... RTFM!

Then I got put into a Buggy race.

A little bit WTF, it grew on me. Purely because the controls are genius. Both sticks. One for throttle and reverse, and the other to steer. Total control. Just watch the mines.

Then, I almost won a game. I may have got a slight erection.

Right Champ. I need your help to stay up to Midnight, OK? Don't tell Mummy...

FFS. Get a move on Asda! You've never let me down yet. *Apart from me almost getting chucked out tonight for not being able to buy booze. Even though the Chumps by the wine helped me choose the wine!*

Done. Just out of shot, scary hoodies *clutches copy of Halo, rather than iPhone or wallet*

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